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Drawing Into A Magazine – Inflight Entertainment – Working Into Photographs 

At University of the Arts London Chelsea College of Art we were looking at backgrounds and I had some interesting experiences drawing a picture out of the background. So I challenged myself to work with existing pictures to draw what emerged or or occurred to me. 

These are compliments to the beautiful photography and in no way are disparaging to the art workers who were involved in the stages to get them to publication . 

Here are the outcomes…

Spicy Ski Slopes from Thonson
Who’s Watching You? Weeping Windows Inflight. Copyright Kim
My close friend memtioned wanting a hammock, when i sae this picture i felt it was crying out for her to enjoy a hammock there. this ones for you Char
Warm Love At A Winter Wedding. Melting Moments.
A man in a dark place seeks an end watched on by beings there to save him
A dog who likes to party. 😊

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Art Challenge 14 – Doodle

I set myself the challenge to create a meaningful doodle whilst dialling into a webinar.

I used glitter pens. Didn’t have an idea of what I was going to create but just started with the sun, which is a favourite subject of mine, and took it from there. I built the picture up from the centre with a beach scene in Egypt in mind.

Glitter Pens

Before adding the suns rays
Before adding the sun’s rays
Sun shine doodle created using glitter pens
Sun shine doodle created using glitter pens

I am pleased with the end result, I like how the glitter echoes the sparkles of light on the moving water of the sea and how sand sparkles in the sunlight.

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