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Happy Christmas Illustration

Wishing you a Happy Christmas.

I created this design as an online and offline greeting. A still illustration with photographic and digital art, and also a gif with flashing fairy lights.

The design swops Santa’s sleigh for a sports car based on my favourite car design. I originally made the car in cut paper for this ‘Going to the Seaside’ Paperart piece.

Santa is joined by a little white dog, who is enjoying the ride, and a small festive robin.

The little white dog features in that artwork and those who’ve been following my work will know is the character Sam, who I’ve also painted for the Children’s book – The Dog Who Wanted To Fly

Sam – Copyright Kim

I chad created the Santa for commercial Christmas illustration I was also working on…

Using the design I created a limited print run of just 10 Christmas cards. Then my printer stopped working.

I added sparkly details with gel glitter pens and sent the fleet of greetings to family and close friends.

I next went on to bake this design in Gingerbread. See this story here…

Click on the image to see the gingerbread version of this design…

Once created I felt that the robin on the picture needed to ice skate. So I added skates and made an animated gif. A little winter sport fun for my favourite festive bird.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. Thank you so much for the support and to everyone who has read, Liked and Shared my work. It means so much.

Please Like and Share this post, if you wish to. I’m keen to reach as many people as possible to brighten their Christmas.

Thanks so much.

Kim x

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Art Challenge 17 – The Art of Skating

IMG_4560-0One day whilst in my new art studio I noticed the sun creating a strong shadow on the wall. I had a play with this and it occurred to me that it was an opportunity to use the shadow to project the outline of an item.

I looked around for something that I would struggle to draw and I saw one of my figure skates which was drying out from an early morning skate. I held the skate up and drew the line projected onto the paper on my easel.

Artist's MannequinI looked around for something else to shadow draw and saw the artist’s mannequin, I put the figure into a skating position and
drew that onto the same paper.

I looked around again for something shapely and spotted a paint palette, so draw that on the paper.

I then returned my focus to the ice boot and blade and added in the lines, the detail, the laces, the stitching.

As the sun faded I left the drawing IMG_4569on the easel and it shared there for a few days, the. It occurred to me to make the picture about “The Art of Skating” and that the elements that make up free skating are jumps, spins and spirals. So I thought to add these in like paint colours on a palette. I searched for pictures and then copied them into the circles.

I then started to make the mannequin figure look more real, using my knowledge and love of skating as guidance. I drew boots onto the end of each leg and put the skater in a dress and worked carefully on the arm and leg lines.

I then started to add colour, first on the skating elements on the palette, then combining those into purple for the colour of the skater’s dress. I then painted the blade and then added glitter, note to self, add glitter last!

The Art of Skating. Copyright Kim 2014 The Art of Skating. Copyright Kim 2014

I then painted the background with a wash but that felt too bland and so I added skate shapes as they appeared on the ice from spins, three turns and chock taws and went a bit over the top with glitter. I finally added the three rhinestones as they appear in my ice boot and for now the picture is completed.

The Art of Skating. Copyright Kim 2014. The Art of Skating. Copyright Kim 2014.

It may, yet, be cut from the background and mounted on a different background, not sure at this stage whether the little ice shapes are too much.

Pleased with the result, nice to create an original painting, I feel it is the best painting I have done out of the challenges, and has given me the kind of satisfaction that I have got upon completing my paper cut pictures, but not quite happy with it.

If you have enjoyed this post please feel free to have a look at the other challenges I have completed, they include painting, paper cutting and design.