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Embroidered Dog Portrait

White dog portrait created in silks, yarn and thread on dyed fabric.

Lhasa-Apso Portrait of my little buddy in embroidery silks

After the success of the embroidered portrait earlier this year I decided to try to create an embroidered portrait of Sam, the white dog that has featured in a number of my paper artworks, and whom I painted previously in acrylic paints before, paintings which became an illustrated children’s book.

Hand painted portrait of lovely Sam which became a page in the book

I chose a teal/ turquoise cotton fabric that I had dyed. I chose the colour as it was the colour of Sam’s favourite toy, and echoes the style of the portraits that I painted on bright bold coloured backgrounds.

I gradually built the design using hand sewing, deciding to add fluffy white yarn that was left after I knitted the jumper on jumbo needles.

I was struggling to get a likeness and lost momentum in the project so decided to inject some energy by continuing the piece on my sewing machine with a transparent foot, and also with a darning foot to use free motion embroidery techniques.

This worked and I was able to sew into the design, develop the likeness and then finished the final elements by hand. Here’s a 43 seconds short video of how the work developed.

I’m pleased with the final outcome and can now decide how best to display the work in my gallery.

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Thanks so much, I hope you’ve enjoyed being here and if there’s something bespoke you’d like me to create for you then best way to contact me is to email inspirebykim@outlook.com 😊


Instagram Highlights

April was a bright and creative month, here are the highlights from my Instagram feed. Enjoy!

Better late than never!

First up was a cupcake themed cushion that I made for a close relation.

Lush pink, grey and teal design. It was a huge pattern repeat so I made a booster cushion with different parts of the design front and back. As I know I’ll be asked the question, the fabric was from Direct Knit and Sew in Sheffield.

Ta da! Here’s the finished cushion. It really was a work of love as it was for someone I love and I love the outcome. The pink ribbon edging the cushion really makes the colours pop.

I started work on a second hand sewn dog portrait. This time featuring Sam, who has been in many of my papercut paperart collage artworks and was the protagonist I’m my illustrated storybook.

I made pretty bunting for my sewing space. Dyeing the fabric using sublimation inks and then stitching into and embellishing the panels. The satin ribbon feels gorgeous.

I used trational machine stitch, love the clear acrylic foot – it’s an essential tool for me, and also used free machine embroidery.

The little boat and clouds are from fabric that I dyed at a workshop last summer at Stitched Up And Fleeced textile studio in Sheffield.

I tried something a little different with my Paperart on one of my favourite icons for a happy day, Ice-cream.

I repainted my Maison du Monde Smile sign to make it more me, white emulsion the flicked my favourite paint colours.

This large canvas happened out of a study for another piece. As it was drying we decided we quite liked it so this is how it is completed, for now. 😊

The above canvas artwork was created using a drag method I had been playing with.

The final make of the month was a peg bag using bright screen printed fabric, printed by a fellow student.

Here are stories that relate to these artworks. Enjoy seeing the backstories.

Sam’s storybook

Cute Dog – portrait

Paperart Pictures

Thanks for being here. Better late than never on this post. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Love, and peace to you, Kim xx

Instagram Highlights

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been a while since I last posted but that means the highlights are sweeter.

For when we need to reach deep… and need to believe in ourself.

Paper cut seaside paradise. Tea and cake anyone?

I’m making a skirt in pretty bicycle fabric. I’ve been experimenting with sewn embellishments. Pretty sparkles and sequins.

Woohoo spring blooms popping up in my garden. 😀

A sunny break in Spain was colourful and inspiring. Here’s a juicy pic from Malaga market.

There’s something nostalgic about brightly painted bicycles and baskets. It’s a girl thing – summer days, wind in your hair, freedom of time and movement. Mmmm 😎

It’s winter, yet I’m sewing ice-creams and lollies. Bring on summer!

For more sunny posts see my Facebook and Instagram and see the posts here. Thanks for taking time out here, hope you’ve enjoyed it.

2016 in Pictures

2016 has been a year of colour, creation and challenges for me. Here are the highlights of the year in pictures. (You can click on the pictures for the full story on the different elements).

First Art Exhibition in March

First Solo Art Exhibition
First Self-Portrait

First Painted Self Portrait

Self Portrait – Acrylics – Copyright Kim
First Oil Painting

Underwater Calm Lady – Copyright Kim
First Retail Placements

First Art Projection – this link directs to the Exhibition which featured this artwork.


The Light of Inspiration – Copyright Kim

Ice-Cream Paper-Cut Picture Completed

Hot Days Eating Cool Ice Cream – Copyright Kim
First Jigsaw


First Art and Design Competition Win and Media Coverage



Article from The Star newspaper, Sheffield.

First Book


Sam – The Dog Who Wanted To Fly – Copyright Kim

Here’s the 58 seconds movie of my First Art Exhibition.

My largest artwork in 2016 is a commissioned artwork which I’ll be revealing here very soon.

I’m astounded that my blog has been viewed in 82 countries in 2016, I love the idea of my art reaching out across the globe. Thanks to everyone who followed, Liked, commented, bought and visited my art in 2016. I appreciate everything.

I dedicate this post to my dear Grandad who left us this year. 

The next post will be looking forwards to 2017. Follow my blog to see that post when it is live.

And finally…

My Story

About Inspire

Art Challenge 25 – Paper-Cut Portrait 

I wished to develop my portrait skills further, inspired by Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Year. I struggle with paint as I feel that I can’t alter it once done whereas when I make paper cut pictures if there is an aspect I am not happy with then I can layer over it, move it, remove it, replace it. 

Katherine Jenkins on ITV's Loose Women
Katherine Jenkins on ITV’s Loose Women
I have set an intention to face my fear and take the step on from creating paper cut landscapes, buildings and animals (links to posts about those artworks are at the end of this blog post) and would try to create paper cut people.
I decided to zoom right in and create a detailed paper cut portrait. I had taken a still of ‘Classical Crossover Artist’ Katherine Jenkins when she appeared on the television talk show Loose Women. I had taken the picture as I like the colours and her skin tones reminded me of Sophie Dahl when she sat for portrait artists on Sky Portrait Artist Of The Year.
I firstly drew in pencil the key lines of the features and then searched through a back copy of The Sunday Times Travel magazine for images which colour matched the different parts of the portrait.
IMG_3269It was tricky to match the pieces as when I applied a piece of paper I would cover over the lines. Therefore I had to look at the shape that was drawn and then cut it without a template.
Stage Two - Adding paper pieces
Stage Two – Adding paper pieces
Starting To Take Shape

I completed the picture over four days and for a first paper cut portrait I am pleased with the result as I feel that it captures some of the glamour and energy from the still of Katherine Jenkins.

Paper-Cut Portrait - Copyright Inspire By Kim
Paper-Cut Portrait – Copyright Inspire By Kim
I Spy:
Just for fun maybe you can spot these elements in the paper pieces used for the picture:
Prague Skyline
Part of a Buddha
Toffee Apples

I am interested to know what you think and hear from anyone what future art challenges I ought to try.

I am excited that I am almost half way through my 52 Art Challenges. If you would like to see more challenges please feel free to browse the blog.
If you would like to see my paper cut artworks please click on this link. https://52artchallenges.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/art-challenge-13-paper-cut-pictures/
If you would like to see my previous two portrait art challenges you can see posts about those at these links.

Art Challenge 22 – Portrait

Having watched the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year TV series my Mum and I each created a portrait of the other. The last portrait I did was a self portrait a year ago and before that a self portrait of another student at University 20 years ago.

Having learnt a lot from the artists in the TV series about how to create a portrait I firstly asked my Mum what aspects of her did she want to be reflected in the portrait. She mentioned her love of the sun, the fact that she is hardworking and has tired hands as a result, and Egypt where she likes to holiday.

I took pictures on my iPhone as Mum talked. Interestingly the stand lamp provided a light source in the corner of the picture which I then used to represent the sun and made it bathe Mum in its light and warm glow. In order to include Mum’s ‘hardworking hands’ I added a heart to reflect that this work is out of love for those close to her. Where she in reality sat with the sketch pad I replaced this with a map to demonstrate that she is always exploring and loves to travel.

I firstly sketched the picture in pencil. Then worked in crayon to add colour and shades. Then next in pencil crayon, then the next layer in glitter pens, then felt tips. I felt I had learnt a lot from watching the artists work, although this in no way made up for my lack of experience I felt it gave me a confidence to mark the page, get into the picture and give it time to take shape and just keep going.

IMG_5818After about an hour I felt I had completed the picture, my Mum was pleased with the way I had incorporated the things she loved.

The Portrait

I then took a phone and put the picture into the Snapseed app, where I used the ‘Drama’ feature. I used the ‘Centre Focus’ feature to emphasise the glow of the sun. Then put that picture into Space Effects app where I added a fireball for the sun and a pink glow onto the heart over Mum’s hands.