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Instagram Highlights

Delighted with my latest furniture restoration. This mid-century G Plan Astro table designed by Victor Bramwell Wilkins. I love how the teak sings when it has been cleaned and oiled. Turning back time for this stunning table.

The table changed somewhat from the original prototype drawings, scroll to see.

Wanted one of these since seeing the table in Wendy’s office in the TV programme Billions.

#teak #gplan #furniturerestoration #wendyrhoades #billions #table #victorwilkins

Teak table in home settingDesign prototype sheet with details and drawings for the the teak table

Design prototype sheet

See additional images at the Instagram post.

Poppy stages embroidery inspired by our morning walk.

Saw this pretty poppy on our walk yesterday morning so I decided that it would be my subject for an appliqué embroidery. It’s not quite finished, a little hand sewing to follow, please pop back to see the completed work.

Created at @dawnirelandtextileartist workshop at #stitchedupandfleeced

#poppy #remembrance #applique #sew #freemotionsewing #embroideryart #berninauk #fabric #craft #make #red

Appliqué and embroidery poppy textile art

Sew in the sunshine. Completing the poppy embroidery. Now what to make with it☺️? #poppy #embroidery #textileart

#applique #appliqueart #garden #sewalfresco

Hydrangea embroidery. Added these beautiful hydrangeas to our garden a few days ago. Decided to embroider a flower, then created a design in @pixelmator.

#embroidery #pixelmator #surfacepatterndesigner #sew #hydrangea #handsew #alfrescosewing

After providing the tools and ingredients I was delighted when my niece used them to make beautiful cupcakes. Pretty and delicious.

#sweetmoments #cupcake #buns #baking #homebaking #stawberries #icing #inspirebykim

My appliqué embroidery poppy made into a design.

#poppy #pixelmator #flowers #patternPoppy pattern

I was support baker this evening for cheesecake. Never knew all what goes into a cheesecake until this evening.

#baking #cheesecake #homebaked

Playing with a forecast image to promote the tennis club event.

🎾Tennis forecast for Sunday when the gates will open to the community for Mini Tennis, Adult Coaching and Free Play.

10:30-12:30 Sunday 30th June

More info and to register


#bigtennisweekend #sheffield #tennis #sport #familyfun #ridgeway

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Fabric Design Highlights

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Puppet – Paper Art Design

As a gift for a delightful three year old little girl I designed and made a glove puppet.

A new creative experience, using paper art techniques learned in my paper artworks and textiles and sewing techniques learned in beauty bag creating, the development of the toy is shown in pictures here.

I chose bold colours, cute icons – bluebird, butterflies, flowers and tried to use elements in threes (such as buttons) for counting practice as it was a 3rd birthday gift. 🎁

Completed paper design ready for scanning. I then printed the scan onto special paper using special inks that transferred the fabric design onto the satin fabric when I placed them together in the heat press.

Added a fleecy wadding behind and then stitched into the two layers to accentuate elements of the design with a quilting effect that has a lovely feel and makes the light bounce of the shiny satin. Some hand sewing of some embellishments too.

< img src=”https://52artchallenges.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_0789.jpg&#8221; class=”size-medium wp-image-4234″ height=”2150″ width=”1612″>The design trimmed down to a seam allowance and then piped the opening with contrasting ribbon next – lush colour.

All sewn, personalised and with a care label inside, ready to be posted to spread a little happiness for Chloe’s 3rd Birthday.

I’m pleased sed with the design – the colours, the vibrancy, the face – I realised that cute is not easy and I’ve learning to do there. I was less happy with the structure, my husband likened it to an oven glove 🤣, but my sewing skills developed as a result of the project, and achieved what I set out to do and from design creation to posting in just 10 days (in a busy December period).

I hope little Chloe will enjoy the puppet and feel inspired by something uniquely made for her. I suggested to her mummy that when not being played with the puppet could be popped on a plastic bottle for display.

This project came out of my previous work in paper and fabric design, here are posts showing this work…

My Life In PaperInspired Bags Many thanks to Sheffield College, Make Art That Sells and Pattern Camp for their teaching and the facilities that made this project possible.


Ladies’ Loungewear Design Concepts

As part of my design project I explored options for placing my design on looking bye and sleepwear items.

I mocked up in Pixelmator app how the designs might look on a sweatshirt cotton or satin fabric.

The design itself was created using dry point printing in single colours, then layering the three colours digitally. 

My dry point printed and digital design
I love how ththe design looks on this off the shoulder sweatshirt. Comfy and uplifting.
The design would look and feel great for a satin gown/ cover up
My design on a slipper
A lovely design for an eye mask – so the wearer can rest and recharge.
I realised that scaling of a design is important – would love this two set in the design on a light catching satin fabric
I love the design as the colours really resonate with me because of their sunny day associations. I used the design to make covered buttons and a beauty/ tablet bag. 

My online study with Pattern Camp and Make Art That Sells really complemented the practical learning on my UAL Foundation Studies course, which this work was part of. 

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Inspire by Kim dress

This Week on Instagram

As my work is very visual I like sharing inspiration on Instagram. Here are the latest highlights. Enjoy.

Beach Inspiration

A trip south meant I had the chance to visit the sea at Eastney, Southsea, Portsmouth. The sea foam formed pretty patterns as the sea withdrew.

Pretty Sea Foam – Copyright Kim

Aw, love heart in the beach❤️.

I💗the beach – Copyright Kim

Knitted kaleidoscope pattern. Love this WI Yarn from Hobbycraft using my skills learned with Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp Copyright Kim.

#knit #kaleidoscope #wi #yarn #hobbycraft #womensinstituteyarn #patterncamp

Knit and Purl Kaleidoscope – Copyright Kim
I love the effect of the wool. Fabulous. Copyright Kim

Who likes their new dress? “Me.. me!” Playing with my latest fabric design for some miniature dress concepts for my mini model. Copyright Kim.

And finally my blue rainbow lillies were delightful.

Copyright Kim

Latest project – A-Line Dress. Busy printing fabric for the first Inspire by Kim garment.

The design elements for a wearable manifesto were created in free machine embroidery, intaglio printmaking and batik. Follow to see how the dress develops.

Making a dress for the first time.

All images are Copyrighted.

Those are the Instagram highlights. Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to have a smooz around😊.

This Week On Instagram

Here’s the latest from my Instragram feed, as I don’t post everything on my blog. There’s been a lot of variety and exploration lately. I’m posting this from sunny Lisbon where I’m exploring to inspire my work. 

Enjoy the Light : enjoyed playing with an unthreaded sewing machine and my Lino print. Copyright Kim

Crystal Light. I enjoy exploring how to represent light. Here I used an unthreaded sewing machine and my crystal inspired Lino print, then captured this on my light box. Copyright Kim

Some days you need your wings. BeYoutiful. Inspire by Kim

My friend was having a tough time so I used my painted wings for this piece.   #wearyourwings 

Lovely feedback on my latest commissioned artwork for a dedicated Manchester United fan. 

“Kim’s interpretation of my ideas resulted in a true masterpiece which will be treasured for years to come. Through the process Kim shared the progress and I was completely confident that the end result would the perfect.” MB

“An incredible piece of artwork, all of the meaningful memories are within the picture.” AS

A lovely Arternoon. I often find myself working on a number of pieces simultaneously. #inthemoment Textile heArtworks inspired by the elements. 


Crystal Pattern. Exploring repeating patterns using my Lino cut design cut and arranged as crystals #inspirebykim #patterncamp #crystals #turquoise #quartz 

Lovely Lisbon – 15 min sketch. Copyright Kim. The Jeronimos Monastery, such a stunning building. I enjoy drawing as a way of looking more. 

“Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight,” as the saying goes. I embellished these pink clouds using freehand machine embroidery and then added some spectrums from the sky on my flight from Lisbon. I love pink clouds at sunset, such a gift from the Universe and they always seem to come at the end of a lovely day.

Copyright Kim
#inspirebykim #pink #pinkclouds #satin #uplifting #sunset #sky #embroidery #textiles #clouds #sewing #sewingmachine #cloud #weather #spectrum #art #sheffieldartist #kimsheffield #kim #redsky #makeartthatsells #rainbows #lisbon

When I turned and saw the Rua Augusta Arch it made my intake breathe and heard a symphony. I wanted to show both sides of the arch in the same picture, so had a play with my photos. The image really pops in black and white. See how many arches you can count..? Copyright Kim

Added a little watercolour to my biro drawing of Jeronimos monastery showing the different lights I saw it in. Such a beautiful building. I could sit and look at it for hours. 

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is a test post format so please bare with me. 



My Week on Instagram

As I don’t post everything on my blog here’s the latest from my Instagram feed. I like the instantaneousness of Instagram and the global reach. Lovely to think of someone  thousands of miles away viewing my artworks.

I announced that I will be speaking and exhibiting at an International Women’s Day Event on 8th March, and created this artwork for the event marketing.


I continue to develop my learning of developing repeating patterns, this time using a watercolour and metallic mandala, based on techniques learned whilst studying with Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp.


I like to take a peek at photos I took a year ago and saw this painted lady. I added a face and replaced the background to make a vibrant image with the mantra – Stride On – You’ve Got This. A positive nudge for anyone who may be struggling with January Blues.


I shared the video of the creation of my latest commissioned artwork for a Manchester United Football Club fan.

I played with some fabrics that I had screen and collograph printed to create a moulage on a mannequin. And realised that fashion may be my guilty pleasure.

Fir and Crystal Themed Moulage – Copyright Kim

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