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This Week On Instagram

Here’s the latest from my Instragram feed, as I don’t post everything on my blog. There’s been a lot of variety and exploration lately. I’m posting this from sunny Lisbon where I’m exploring to inspire my work. 

Enjoy the Light : enjoyed playing with an unthreaded sewing machine and my Lino print. Copyright Kim

Crystal Light. I enjoy exploring how to represent light. Here I used an unthreaded sewing machine and my crystal inspired Lino print, then captured this on my light box. Copyright Kim

Some days you need your wings. BeYoutiful. Inspire by Kim

My friend was having a tough time so I used my painted wings for this piece.   #wearyourwings 

Lovely feedback on my latest commissioned artwork for a dedicated Manchester United fan. 

“Kim’s interpretation of my ideas resulted in a true masterpiece which will be treasured for years to come. Through the process Kim shared the progress and I was completely confident that the end result would the perfect.” MB

“An incredible piece of artwork, all of the meaningful memories are within the picture.” AS

A lovely Arternoon. I often find myself working on a number of pieces simultaneously. #inthemoment Textile heArtworks inspired by the elements. 


Crystal Pattern. Exploring repeating patterns using my Lino cut design cut and arranged as crystals #inspirebykim #patterncamp #crystals #turquoise #quartz 

Lovely Lisbon – 15 min sketch. Copyright Kim. The Jeronimos Monastery, such a stunning building. I enjoy drawing as a way of looking more. 

“Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight,” as the saying goes. I embellished these pink clouds using freehand machine embroidery and then added some spectrums from the sky on my flight from Lisbon. I love pink clouds at sunset, such a gift from the Universe and they always seem to come at the end of a lovely day.

Copyright Kim
#inspirebykim #pink #pinkclouds #satin #uplifting #sunset #sky #embroidery #textiles #clouds #sewing #sewingmachine #cloud #weather #spectrum #art #sheffieldartist #kimsheffield #kim #redsky #makeartthatsells #rainbows #lisbon

When I turned and saw the Rua Augusta Arch it made my intake breathe and heard a symphony. I wanted to show both sides of the arch in the same picture, so had a play with my photos. The image really pops in black and white. See how many arches you can count..? Copyright Kim

Added a little watercolour to my biro drawing of Jeronimos monastery showing the different lights I saw it in. Such a beautiful building. I could sit and look at it for hours. 

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is a test post format so please bare with me. 




Football Commissioned Artwork

I’m delighted to reveal my latest artwork, my largest commission to date – for an avid Manchester United fan. Sharing the story of this artwork is poignant as it is the two year anniversary of blowing my knee, the event which led me to follow my love of art.

The 60 x 90 cm original artwork of Manchester’s world famous football club, created to meet with a detailed customer brief, charts the club’s history in a timeline, from Newton Heath to present day, including the Munich Disaster, and the treble win in 1999.

Viewed from the Stretford End the artwork depicts the energy of a 70,000 strong crowd on a vibrant match day at Old Trafford football ground. The composition spans the clubs history and brings together key players, managers and moments of the clubs highlights. Landmarks of the the city of Manchester are in the distance.

The artwork represents Eric Cantona, Sir Matt Busby, Sir Alex Ferguson, The Magnificent Sevens – Best, Robson, Beckham, Ronaldo and the VIP fan.

The ad boards display inspiring words and the goals are formed of written quotes chosen by the customer.

Commissioned by the customer as a surprise for her partner, the artwork was completed in December 2016.

This challenging commissioned football themed painting allowed me to communicate energy and positivity, which are key intentions of my ‘Inspire by Kim’ work.

The artwork came about after the customer saw my Barnsley Boy commissioned artwork, completed in late 2015.

Barnsley Boy and Rainbow Dancer Commissions Barnsley Boy and Rainbow Dancer Commissions

It is now two years since I blew my knee skiing, the event which was the impetus to the decision to become a full time artist. Having completed this artwork helps to heal the impact of the injury and rehabilition which I have undertaken ever since.

This artwork is for an individual and is not connected to or endorsed by the football club.

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