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Art Challenge 25 – Paper-Cut Portrait 

I wished to develop my portrait skills further, inspired by Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Year. I struggle with paint as I feel that I can’t alter it once done whereas when I make paper cut pictures if there is an aspect I am not happy with then I can layer over it, move it, remove it, replace it. 

Katherine Jenkins on ITV's Loose Women
Katherine Jenkins on ITV’s Loose Women
I have set an intention to face my fear and take the step on from creating paper cut landscapes, buildings and animals (links to posts about those artworks are at the end of this blog post) and would try to create paper cut people.
I decided to zoom right in and create a detailed paper cut portrait. I had taken a still of ‘Classical Crossover Artist’ Katherine Jenkins when she appeared on the television talk show Loose Women. I had taken the picture as I like the colours and her skin tones reminded me of Sophie Dahl when she sat for portrait artists on Sky Portrait Artist Of The Year.
I firstly drew in pencil the key lines of the features and then searched through a back copy of The Sunday Times Travel magazine for images which colour matched the different parts of the portrait.
IMG_3269It was tricky to match the pieces as when I applied a piece of paper I would cover over the lines. Therefore I had to look at the shape that was drawn and then cut it without a template.
Stage Two - Adding paper pieces
Stage Two – Adding paper pieces
Starting To Take Shape

I completed the picture over four days and for a first paper cut portrait I am pleased with the result as I feel that it captures some of the glamour and energy from the still of Katherine Jenkins.

Paper-Cut Portrait - Copyright Inspire By Kim
Paper-Cut Portrait – Copyright Inspire By Kim
I Spy:
Just for fun maybe you can spot these elements in the paper pieces used for the picture:
Prague Skyline
Part of a Buddha
Toffee Apples

I am interested to know what you think and hear from anyone what future art challenges I ought to try.

I am excited that I am almost half way through my 52 Art Challenges. If you would like to see more challenges please feel free to browse the blog.
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