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Free Download – Christmas Card Design

A free downloadable Christmas Card to print at home.

Image 69
The design for the front of the Christmas Card.


I’m so grateful for everyone who Likes and engages with my Inspire by Kim website, Facebook page, Instagram so I wanted to give a thank you. Here it is…

A free downloadable Christmas Card to print at home.


The design is a winter village scene featuring the Gingerbread House, reindeer, sleigh and snowman that I baked.


I recommend printing on card or good quality photo paper and just ask that the design is sent in its entirety. If you’re new here please follow the blog to be eligible for the download.

Click on the following link to download.

Christmas Card – Inspire by Kim. Not for sale

Please note this for your enjoyment and whoever you choose to send it to. This copyrighted card design cannot be printed for sale and cannot be sold.

See the Gingerbread House here…

Thank you again to everyone for their ongoing support.



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Instagram Highlights

Have a lovely Christmas all.

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Art Challenge 18 – Gingerbread House

I decided I was going to make a gingerbread house but it didn’t feel right to make a random cottage so I decided to copy a real house.

The fact that the house was taller than wide made it a structural challenge but I drew the structure, did a lot of planning and watched YouTube videos that showed different ways to hold the structure together.

IMG_3878 IMG_3879

I followed Mary Berry’s Gingerbread recipe and created my own templates and left space for fairy lights to be inserted inside the house. The fairy lights gave a homely feel to the house as they lit the windows made of melted boiled sweets. It was a challenge to get smooth lines with the icing and to have a steady enough hand when adding the decorative detail. I am not a big icing fan so didn’t want to go overboard in terms of flavour and also to loose the likeness of the house.

IMG_3843 IMG_3841 IMG_3840

It was a challenge, enjoyable and delicious when it came to eating it. The house made a great centre piece and conversation point for our festive celebrations.

Here’s a short video of the gingerbread house just 1.5 minutes long.