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Under The Sea

I’d like to be, under the sea…

These art my artworks of how it feels to swim with the fish.   
This piece all started with the inspiring colours of sea foam in Llandudno Bay, North Wales. I then uses Snapseed to enhance the natural colours and then painted and smudged in the colours in Pixelmator. 

I added fish that I painted with sea water in Egypt, after I saw them snorkelling. I painted onto the fish in app to add more detail and how the light as it plays on them in the moving water. I added a swimming girl and beach scene to contrast with the myriad of colours in the underwater world. 

I love to snorkel inthe Red Sea. 

I then had a visualisation of a further piece that I wished to create following my figurative drawing challenge of a woman swimming towards the onlooker. 

I used similar techniques, again creating in Pixelmator and added my hand painted fish. 

  I’m missing snorkelling as usually we would be soon taking a trip but this year we cannot, so I’m satisfying my underwater love through recreating my experiences through art. 

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Painted fish used in underwater heartwork 


Painted Fish Used In Underwater (He)Artwork

Sadly we won’t be going to Egyot this winter. Which means I won’t be swimming with the myriad of underwater life in the Red Sea.
So I dove in and created this piece about how it feels to explorebeneath the surface. The artwork features my favourite fishy friends.

I created this piece using the Pixelmator app and added in layers using the photographs of the watercolour fish that were created in the previous art challenges. Those were painted with seawater. I have painted additional detail on them in Pixelmator to show the iridescence of the underwater light.

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Art Challenge 22 – Portrait

Having watched the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year TV series my Mum and I each created a portrait of the other. The last portrait I did was a self portrait a year ago and before that a self portrait of another student at University 20 years ago.

Having learnt a lot from the artists in the TV series about how to create a portrait I firstly asked my Mum what aspects of her did she want to be reflected in the portrait. She mentioned her love of the sun, the fact that she is hardworking and has tired hands as a result, and Egypt where she likes to holiday.

I took pictures on my iPhone as Mum talked. Interestingly the stand lamp provided a light source in the corner of the picture which I then used to represent the sun and made it bathe Mum in its light and warm glow. In order to include Mum’s ‘hardworking hands’ I added a heart to reflect that this work is out of love for those close to her. Where she in reality sat with the sketch pad I replaced this with a map to demonstrate that she is always exploring and loves to travel.

I firstly sketched the picture in pencil. Then worked in crayon to add colour and shades. Then next in pencil crayon, then the next layer in glitter pens, then felt tips. I felt I had learnt a lot from watching the artists work, although this in no way made up for my lack of experience I felt it gave me a confidence to mark the page, get into the picture and give it time to take shape and just keep going.

IMG_5818After about an hour I felt I had completed the picture, my Mum was pleased with the way I had incorporated the things she loved.

The Portrait

I then took a phone and put the picture into the Snapseed app, where I used the ‘Drama’ feature. I used the ‘Centre Focus’ feature to emphasise the glow of the sun. Then put that picture into Space Effects app where I added a fireball for the sun and a pink glow onto the heart over Mum’s hands.


Painting Fish – Part Two

I enjoyed the Painting Fish challenge whilst on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh. This is the post about that for anyone who didn’t see it.

Click on the picture to see the Painting Fish Art Chalenge
Click on the picture to see the Painting Fish Art Challenge

I always enjoy seeing Parrotfish and Clown Fish/ Anenomefish (the famous fish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’).

I studied them when snorkelling and tried to really observe and mentally note the features and colours, and also how the colours change in the different light and from various angles when the fish is swimming.

Here are the paintings. I am not happy with the parrotfish, I really struggled as the paint set didn’t have the UV kind of shades I needed and my skill let me down.

Lunar Fusilier, Red Sea Bannerfish
Lunar Fusilier and Red Sea Bannerfish


Red Sea Anenomefish
Red Sea Anenomefish


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