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2016 in Pictures

2016 has been a year of colour, creation and challenges for me. Here are the highlights of the year in pictures. (You can click on the pictures for the full story on the different elements).

First Art Exhibition in March

First Solo Art Exhibition
First Self-Portrait

First Painted Self Portrait

Self Portrait – Acrylics – Copyright Kim
First Oil Painting

Underwater Calm Lady – Copyright Kim
First Retail Placements

First Art Projection – this link directs to the Exhibition which featured this artwork.


The Light of Inspiration – Copyright Kim

Ice-Cream Paper-Cut Picture Completed

Hot Days Eating Cool Ice Cream – Copyright Kim
First Jigsaw


First Art and Design Competition Win and Media Coverage



Article from The Star newspaper, Sheffield.

First Book


Sam – The Dog Who Wanted To Fly – Copyright Kim

Here’s the 58 seconds movie of my First Art Exhibition.

My largest artwork in 2016 is a commissioned artwork which I’ll be revealing here very soon.

I’m astounded that my blog has been viewed in 82 countries in 2016, I love the idea of my art reaching out across the globe. Thanks to everyone who followed, Liked, commented, bought and visited my art in 2016. I appreciate everything.

I dedicate this post to my dear Grandad who left us this year. 

The next post will be looking forwards to 2017. Follow my blog to see that post when it is live.

And finally…

My Story

About Inspire


Design Challenge – Pocket Sized Toy

The brief was to design a pocket sized toy made in only wood or metal. It had to have educational benefits.

I brainstormed and researched toys and developed and made a prototype drawing tablet. The handy tablet was designed for use with, and to store, dry wipe felt tip pens. With one drawing surface dry wipe and the other replaceable paper sheets.

For anyone from three years of age upwards the toy is ideal for nurturing creativity whilst in the car, at the table or on the sofa. The drawing tablet can also be used for interactive play with adults or other children, for games such as tic tac toe or hangman.

I’m considering a model which has glow in the dark dry wipe paint, for note making or drawing the creative concepts that arrive in my thoughts in the night.

The toy could be used by the child independently or with an adult for games such as tic tac toe or hangman.

Learning Benefits are for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, drawing and writing skills, and colour recognition.

Drawing Tablet Design Sheet -Copyright Kim. Patent Pending.

Making the prototype involved use of the band saw, rotating sander, pillar drill, hand drill, metal cutting machine, metal folding machine, blow torch and more.

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Life Drawing For Relaxation

The first time trying life drawing is an unusual experience but once you relax into the drawing process Life Drawing requires a careful process of looking, marking the paper, looking again, making marks. The careful consideration of the model’s form and trying to accurately represent it leaves little room for other thoughts making it relaxing and a way of switching off/disconnecting from our busy lives.  

I struggle to meditate, find mindfulness a bit confusing but when I’m life drawing I can find a place of conscious thinking which is also a little unconscious. Sometimes I sit back from my drawing and I wonder where it has come from and how that came about as the many small marks become a whole representative piece.

Non-judgement of the drawing during its creation calms the mind, slows the breathing and allows for an enjoyable process. I use the thought that ‘with practice the drawing will only get better’, so I try not to judge the drawing but let the process of practice deal with my development. 

I first tried life drawing 13 months ago, here are the drawings from the latest session. This session began a little differently as the model was wearing a satin gown, so we could try to capture the texture and folds of the fabric. This was inspired by the ‘Robes‘ series of artworks by American artist Jim Dine created over an almost 50 year period as a form of self portrait from 1964 onwards. (Bizarre concept but fab colours)?

It’s a very pure form of art that has remained the same process for hundreds of years. 

You can use whatever medium you wish for life drawing in this session I worked in Quink, my favourite pink drawing ink and also at the end of session oil pastels. 

I like this first drawing, I can see a film star of the 1930s in the drawing. Copyright Kim
This is the first time I’ve managed to create a number of studies on one sheet as I normally draw too big. Copyright Kim
This one was created at arms length whilst tanning. The paper on the floor and using a brush on the end of a bamboo cane. (An exercise)
I began this one using four oil pastels in my hand simultaneously marking the lines fourfold. Then used Quink ink to make the colours pop. Copyright Kim
The final drawing of the session, I’m satisfied that this captures the volume and form. I like the strength of colour as it’s very in keeping with the bright inspiring ‘Inspire by Kim’ style. Copyright Kim
The drawing is valuable practice in representing form of all kinds and aids observation skills, so it’s beneficial to all art work. If you’ve not tried it, and like me forget that you were trying to meditate or be mindful, then maybe try life drawing to achieve calm. 

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Thanks for being here, have fun! 

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It is my goal to inspire people, so if you have been inspired at all I’d love to hear about that or see art or creations as a result. Thank you sincerely for your support, for following my blog, for visiting.  If there is anyone that you think might be inspired by my art please share http://www.inspirebkim.com with them, for this I would be grateful.

Screen Printing Art Challenge

I’m just back from my first screen printing session at Sheffield Print Club. Unfortunately the light sensitive emulsion shipment was damaged so we weren’t able to complete the screen coating process. However I had watched a comical YouTube video so understood the principals of the process.

I prepared black and white images to print from, using photo software.

Copyright Inspire by Kim
Copyright Inspire by Kim








The first image I chose was a glue gun Collograph print that I created. I like taking artworks through a number of mediums. The artwork was printed onto regular paper before I was tasked with rubbing vegetable oil into it and then putting
it to dry.

Once dry the paper was overlaid over the prepared screen and exposed to light for three minutes that the emulsion would set, but wouldn’t set where the image overlay was.

After gently washing off the emulsion with water and a sponge, drying and choosing ink colours, I was ready to print. The inks were acrylic paint mixed with acrylic print medium. Great, less messy, less staining and possibly less harmful than inks used for Lino print and intaglio etching.img_4182






The screen print frame was put into hinged clamps and inked ready. The technique for printing and flooding takes a little getting the hang off, but practice means the process is committed to memory.

The first print was into hinged acetate in order to determine where the papers needed to be positioned. Guide tabs were then added so that each sheet could be lined up.

Copyright Inspire by Kim

I then started the print, remove paper, flood, add paper, print, remove paper, flood, add paper cycle, which almost started to feel like a dance, back and forth, lift and lower. Never one for the simple life I had chosen a two colour design to demonstrate the male and female subjects of the artwork and the mingling of the colours where the inspiration conversation is taking place.

The prints were in turn put to dry, then when the printing was completed the remaining ink was scraped back into the container, the screen washed down with a wide spray jet wash and the squidgy and spatula cleaned.

I theimg_4175n began on the second print which was a two part, two colour, layered design. The preparation of the image was more involved and required the part of the design which would overlap to be removed so that the colours did not overlap and give a third colour. This was then printed onto two sheets, and the same process of oiling, drying, light exposure, washing, drying. Both sheets were applied to the same screen but opposite ways up and the positioning as mirrored as possible.

img_4181The second time I used a much larger press with a vacuum bed. I first created the underlay of the yellow circle shape on each of the papers and then took each sheet in turn and very carefully lined up and printed the text graphic second layer on each.

I’m pleased with the outcomes, although it seemed complex at the time, after stepping back the process is quite straightforward. I preferred the inks to Lino printing, less liked the use of the PC than in Lino printing, found the alignment trickier than Lino printing and due to the scale found it trickier to hand the screens than other print mediums I have tried.

I’m keen to let the process sink in now and think about how I might like to use it next. I’m really pleased with the outcomes, they are striking and I love that you can feel the ink on the paper.

Here’s a great video of Sheffield Print Club


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Dark Art – Art Challenge 47

I am cautious to stray into a darker psyche but have been motivated to do so a few times of late.

I aim to inspire and uplift people because I feel there is so much darkness in the world. The news media make hearing and seeing the darkness hard to avoid. I  made this short video about the news media in 2013.


I hope that in posting these creations I don’t offend or upset.

how the darkness of our suffering world suffocates my heart


When sadnrss begins to creep over


The cloud of darkness like a thick blavk sludgey tar blocking out the colour and the light
Desperation and despair when hope seems futile and I acknowledge that the workd is screwed


Romantic meals and rock concerts ruined by bullets and explosives. A bloody Friday that rocked the World.


Image 40
Peace for Paris and all of us


My pondering girl with lego Peace/ Ban the Bomb lenses. 

Thats it, I’ve gone into the darkness, enough of that, back to bright fun posts next week. have a great rest of the week everyone.

For my more inspiring artworks see many various posts. Thanks for visiting my blog, pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee share my blog then I can inspire more people.

Kim x