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Painting Fish – Part Two

I enjoyed the Painting Fish challenge whilst on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh. This is the post about that for anyone who didn’t see it.

Click on the picture to see the Painting Fish Art Chalenge
Click on the picture to see the Painting Fish Art Challenge

I always enjoy seeing Parrotfish and Clown Fish/ Anenomefish (the famous fish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’).

I studied them when snorkelling and tried to really observe and mentally note the features and colours, and also how the colours change in the different light and from various angles when the fish is swimming.

Here are the paintings. I am not happy with the parrotfish, I really struggled as the paint set didn’t have the UV kind of shades I needed and my skill let me down.

Lunar Fusilier, Red Sea Bannerfish
Lunar Fusilier and Red Sea Bannerfish


Red Sea Anenomefish
Red Sea Anenomefish


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