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Art Challenge 33 – Garden Art Makeover

As the warmer weather drew me outside our garden replaced our lounge as my knee rehabilitation and rest space. I love our garden as its a safe space away from the bustle and busyness. A private haven for relaxing, time with loved ones or nurturing and growing beautiful flowers.

The spring tulips, my favourites, had done their blooming and so the garden was ripe for some additional decoration, as part of my development as an artist I wanted to branch out beyond our own walls and extend my art into our garden space.

I have wanted an ‘In the garden’ sign for some time as gives a hint of the magic of the garden behind the house and for me conjures an image of someone happily wiling away the hours tending to plants, helping them to climb, grow and be their best and most beautiful . As I had been bought a Welsh slate sign that was perfect. I used acrylics to build a picture and am hoping that Yacht varnish will protect the paint from the weather. I’m happy with the picture and the atmosphere it creates when hung at the front of the house. It’s a pretty way to ensure we don’t miss deliveries and to save friends and relatives waiting and knocking when we wont hear them.

I then used the sign as a basis of a mantra artwork, adding extra images of flowers from our garden and a picture of the first little birdhouse. I added text in my current favourite photo app Phonto. I love evolving pieces of my art, giving them extra wings to reach hearts and minds. Having planted the seeds, tended and nurtured them into flowers there is a lot of my joy in this artwork.

I added solar LED lights into the climbing plants, they are ideal as no wiring, energy or remembering to switch on and off required, some lanterns I had won in a raffle and some artworks from a local shop that was closing down – an ice cream VW camper van for me and a Mini Cooper for my husband.

I love adding colour to the garden when it’s time to wash our pinks and reds – my favourite wash day.

I added the birdhouse that I had painted – see Art Challenge 31 and painted three smaller bird houses to hang and add interest to hang by the roses. I painted a convex mirror that I found at a reclaimed shop in St Annes On Sea, so that it could reflect the beauty of our garden. We added extra plants and an Indian lantern that caught my eye at TK Maxx and painted a terracotta pot with acrylics.





It’s not so sunny in the garden just now but it’s lovely to sit and write in the open air in our lovely garden.

 Possible future additions…

I may add a name to the shed in the beach hut style and maybe accent the structure of the shed for effect but for now I’m satisfied that the garden now feels more arty, personal and intriguing.

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