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Football Fan Bag

My football fan painting owner asked if I would make a zip bag using the artwork. The artwork is a scene from Barnsley FC, with Barnsley’s skyline and a coal mining seam, which has been fundamental to the city.

Here’s a picture story of the bag’s making, in reverse. I printed the fabric with an image of the artwork and added shoe lace piping, hand painted fabric design and embroidered key details with single and twin needles on my lovely Bernina machine.

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Barnsley Boy – Acrylic Painting – copyright Kim

Barnsley FC painting and bag The completed bag with lifesize print of the commission painting – Copyright Kim
Bag and my Beautiful Bernina machina
Adding the lining – no pattern for this job – it’s a 3D construction challenge
Taking shape – with lace piping and my hand painted side wall fabric.
The bag is padded to protect the contents
The machine embroidered main panels created using sublimation printing on shiny satin fabric – with fleecy fabric fused to give structure, and felty layer to pad the bag.
Accentuating design details and adding a personal monogram for the owner. So much easier with my new transparent machine foot
Assembled ingredients for this soccer crazy design. Ready, set, sew.

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Art Challenge 34 – Football Fan Artwork

Ta Da! My second commission completed.
Delighted to have completed my second commission. After the first one I didn’t know whether I could create something so specific and personal to an individual again. The second commission was very different from the first as it is for a football fan to display in a technology company office. As I love colour I was concerned that I might make the artwork too girly, or be unable to have enough colour to like the piece myself. I started working up from the bottom of the canvas board. I chose the same size as the previous commission.

Canvas board ready to receive what was to emerge Canvas board ready to receive what was to emerge

The picture is for a keen fan of Barnsley Football Club in South Yorkshire. The commissioner has a strong sense of local identity and is proud of where he hails from. I started with the team’s main colour,  red, and created a near side stadium crowd which I later added kit detail from recent seasons and the energy of celebrating goals.
Barnsley was a city built on coal mining and coal runs at the core of the society and community so I ran a coal seam through the picture with miners’ lights to add a respectful acknowledgment to those people who worked hard in challenging conditions. The commissioner’s ancestors mined so this was also to be poignant in that way. The coal seam is surrounded with turf and accented with a strip of fluorescent for the match marshalled and in recognition of the hi-vis, health and safety keen time that we live in.

Starting to get a feel for thr oiece and loving the colours as the miners hammer away at the coal face Starting to get a feel for thr oiece and loving the colours as the miners hammer away at the coal face

I added the further stand using the past and present kit designs to add colour and give texture.
To celebrate the city I added the skyline including the iconic and impressive town hall building and also the hospital where the commissioner worked for some years.
As the piece is for a work environment the ‘Goal’ element of the picture has two meanings, both to evoke memories of great match moments and to signify achievement/ objectives taken to fruition. I painted two footballs, a little idealistic element to emphasise the energy and jubilation of the moment.
I painted the goal posts and then wrote key words and sentiments as the goal netting, alternating between words in English and in Latin. The logo for the club was the inspiration for the net and I have been wanting to learn Latin and now I know some. Some of the words are Family (Familia), Breathe (Spirant) and Achieve (Consequi).

The words in English and Latin supportive sentiments to help motivate. What would you want your commission to be? The words in English and Latin supportive sentiments to help motivate. What would you want your commission to be?

It was important to me that the piece was positively motivating so where the advertising hoardings would be at a football ground I created a collaged words to help inspire.

I added some personal elements that others would not understand and have now called it finished. I can’t wait to see his reaction and see it in position in his office.

Second commission on target!. if you would like a commisdioned artwork you can email me at inspirebykim@outlook.com
Delighted with how my second commission emerged
My first two commissions and my bespoke cushion in my studio.

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