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Sheffield Metalwork Souvenir Prototype

Whilst developing ideas for the Sheffield Souvenir Competition for Made North‘s Sheffield Design Week I explored creating a design to represent the city of Sheffield. Here’s the process of acid etching and annealing a Sheffield steel plate to represent the city, its industrial heritage and its top athletes.

Testing a blog version of the post today. You have a choice: Watch the one minute movie or the process, or read on for the text cut and image version.

Marking the key points of the design onto the steel
Varnish painted on to resist the steel – The design features Sheffield landmarks, cutlery and Sheffield athletes Sebastian Coe, Jess Ennis-Hill and James ‘Woodsy’ Woods
The plate in the acid to etch the design
Annealing the steel with a blow torch in the hearth to bring out the colour

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post/ visit my blog. Wonderful to have you here. Hope you’re having a good day. Thanks to Mark Veevers for his support on this project.

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Winning Idea – Sheffield Cheese Grater Souvenir

There was a call out for a Sheffield souvenir as part of the  Sheffield Design Week organised by Made North. Inspired by the iconic building in Sheffield dubbed the ‘Cheese Grater’ I developed the winning entry – a box grater featuring key landmarks and aspects of the city.

I’m delighted with the outcome of the competition. At first when I had the Cheese Grater inspired Cheese Grater souvenir idea I thought it too obvious. But Sheffield is a city built on steel and so it had to be a steel souvenir. Sheffield cutlery was used the world over, I’m hoping we can get the design into production and have this handy Sheffield souvenir in kitchens across the globe.

Patrick Murphy of Made North was the judge for the competition. Here’s the story on the Sheffield Design Week website.

This was how the design developed from drawings to the Design Board…

Steel Panel.jpg
My acid etched steel panel featuring key landmarks, cutlery and Sheffield sportspeople Jess Ennis-Hill, Sebastian Coe and James ‘Woodsy’ Woods.
My winning idea…and now to get it into production.

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