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Happy New Year. The Year I became an artist. 

Happy New Year to the great people who follow my blog.  

Thank you for your support. 

  My year started with acute knee injury so it’s been one hell of a year. It gave me space to focus on my art, and was a time of family support and love, but has been the hardest of my life, so it’s with mixed emotions that the year ends and a new one begins.   

Figurative Drawing – The Next Level

An intended Life Drawing session became a figurative drawing session as the model was unavailable. 

Instead the members of the group took turns to model for the artists. I sat for what felt like an endless 10 minutes, and found it incredibly hard to be still and retain focus. The experience of sitting and being looked at gave me a huge respect for Life Drawing models. 

My first drawings were A2 using charcoal for 10 minutes each, working at an easel.





 After the break I worked seated using a drawing board for poses of 15-20 minutes. These were the first male subjects I had drawn.  

I’m pleased with the improvement I can see since the Figurative Drawing Art Challemge. The heads and faces were a great improvement on those in my Life Drawing Art Challenge. 

I didn’t think I had it in me to draw in this way so it feels like receiving a wonderful gift that I hadn’t expected to discover. 

Thanks for vewing this post. I’m very grateful. Feel free to stay a while and enjoy some more artworks and their stories. 

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This mornings’s creation for a fabulous Friday. 

I often share artworks in a morning on my Facebook page to inspire and hopefully shine some colour into the start of the day. 

Here is today’s artwork, which I’m pleased with as my ability improves I am liking what I am creating. I don’t know what the end result will be when I start so the creations are a surprise and often a lovely one as I feel I am getting closer to finding my artistic groove. 

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I hope you have a great Friday, thanks so much for viewing my blog and to each one of my subscribers I am extremely grateful for your support. Enjoy. Kim x


Art Challenge 18 – Gingerbread House

I decided I was going to make a gingerbread house but it didn’t feel right to make a random cottage so I decided to copy a real house.

The fact that the house was taller than wide made it a structural challenge but I drew the structure, did a lot of planning and watched YouTube videos that showed different ways to hold the structure together.

IMG_3878 IMG_3879

I followed Mary Berry’s Gingerbread recipe and created my own templates and left space for fairy lights to be inserted inside the house. The fairy lights gave a homely feel to the house as they lit the windows made of melted boiled sweets. It was a challenge to get smooth lines with the icing and to have a steady enough hand when adding the decorative detail. I am not a big icing fan so didn’t want to go overboard in terms of flavour and also to loose the likeness of the house.

IMG_3843 IMG_3841 IMG_3840

It was a challenge, enjoyable and delicious when it came to eating it. The house made a great centre piece and conversation point for our festive celebrations.

Here’s a short video of the gingerbread house just 1.5 minutes long. 

Art Challenge 11 – Painting Fish (seen when snorkelling)

Having had a wonderful early morning snorkel from the beach at our Red Sea hotel in Egypt I decided to paint the key sealife characters I had seen.

I have taken my Reeves set of watercolour paints on my past few trips. The set is small with a great range of colours and has space for a paintbrush. The colours are vivid and give good coverage, despite being watercolours.

For the first time I wanted to draw and paint the fish. I love the colours and shapes of the Red Sea fish and coral.

I used a biro to draw the outlines, (note to self, pack a pencil and eraser too for the next trip).

I would love to be able to draw the fish from memory but I find that once I get out of the water I struggle to recall their exact form. So I drew them from the small Fishes of the Red Sea book By Geodia, a handy little guide that gives key info about the most common species of the over 700 found in the Red Sea.

I have seen stingrays, eels, a turtle and thousands of fish on trips to the Sinai peninsula and Hurghada, my favourite are the parrot fish and I always like to find Nemo in his sea anemone home.

I carefully drew the fish then started to add paint adding a base colour first the. Adding the detail as carefully as I could. I was able to add the next colour soon as the paint was quickly dried by the sun.

The first fish species of note onmy 8 am snorkel were shoals of the piteously unremarkably named Common Bigeye. They are nocturnal so I was surprised to see them in caves close to the surface of the reef. They were not swimming but appeared to be suspended in the darker water.

Swimming on I saw five Onespot Snappers, these are larger fish these were close to the normal maximum length of 60cms. My book states is as a nocturnal predator.

Next was a large shoal of bright yellow Striped Butterfly fish. My book says they rarely leading a solitary life, and as I swam on there was a shoal of maybe 60 then a huge on of over 100. Stunning almost like fairy lights against a blue night sky as the yellow shone in the deep blue of the underwater environment, quite magical.

I saw a fish I haven’t seen on many occasions and he was a good size, the Bluespine Unicornfish. He looked petrol blue in the water, however my book shows him as green so I was torn between painting the colour I saw and the colour depicted in the book. I am least happy with his painting.

Final stand out fish was one of my favourite species, liked for its curiosity which means it often swims very close and it can feel like there is a connection as he/ she looks ate and I him/ her. On this occasion I spotted the Klunzinger’s Wrasse swimming with maybe 10 babies with the same distinct markings and I guesstimate they measured just 4 cms in length. Delightful to see but the parent became protective and se towards me to discourage going close.

The resulting paintings exceeded my expectations so it was a positive task which is idyllic what sat on a hot beach, bathed in sunshine whilst the waves lap the shore. It is November but still the sun is hot and soothing.

Part Two –
I often find that these art challenges make me want to explore a style or art task further so I am adding a section to the blog of secondary tasks in which to capture these.

I am quite a private person but public accountability and stating intention helps me to focus and gives me an output which gives my art explorations some feeling of purpose which alleviates my own hang ups about my art journey being too self indulgent when considered in the context of the world’s issues. I hope that this is a stage of my art development that wil enable me to develop my skills, increase my learning and will enable my style to emerge. If those who are intrigues to read the posts enjoy, feel some sense of inspiration or pleasure at reading the posts and seeing the pictures then that is wonderful and I am content. I only hope to have a more positive imprint on the planet than any negativity which my humanity creates.

Thank you and enjoy.






52 Art Challenges

Being keen to develop my art skills and experience I sought a book or website which had art challenges for me to try. Having been unable to find this I decided to create my own and blog about the challenges which should be helpful for anyone wanting to explore their artistic side..

I have decided I am going to complete 52 Art Challenges. I don’t know what the art challenges will be at this stage but I look forward to trying them and exploring my strengths and… areas for improvement.

I decided that 52 was less scary than 100 and if I want to take a year at it then this would work. I expect that there may be weeks when I will complete more than one challenge and others where I am unable.

I love colour so that will be a theme throughout and I imagine that the artworks will be mixed media, real and electronic.

I am open to suggestions of what the challenges are, please add any ideas or links as comments below. Thanks for reading, for any suggestions and for sharing with anyone who you believe might enjoy the blog posts.