Ski Themed Home Decor Designs

Earlier this year I signed up to the Make Art That Sells Home Decor Course with the wonderful Margot Tantau. 

Table Ware Collection

My ski book project then began gather steam so I have been busy working on this, whilst learning home decor design on the side. I like to listen to learning content while I create, as this can help to distract the conscious mind and allow the subconscious lead on the creating.

As I have been creating so many ski themed illustrations it has made sense to bring these icons and this theme into the home decor surface pattern designs. I have also brought the warm colour palette across from my ski work, painted in the Japanese watercolour paints. 

I explored different designs and mocked them up to see how they will look on home decor products, both tableware and also soft furnishings and wall coverings. I mocked the products up in Procreate and with Spoonflower. 

I’ll be developing this work but if you see something that you like and would like to license the design for your use then please email me at 

Watch this space for more ski illustrations as I continue to develop the Ski A to Z book in advance of the upcoming winter ski season.

I like how this feature wallpaper design looks with the snowflake icon warmed by these sunny hues.

If you like to listen to podcasts then check out Margot’s Windowsill Chats podcast. For the wonderful courses by Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells click here.

Thanks so much for being here and for your support. 

Kim x

P.s. See more of my work on my Instagram feed.

One thought on “Ski Themed Home Decor Designs”

  1. Wow incredible again just love your imagination and painting talent. 20 out of 10 WELL DONE AGAIN

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