Ways To Feel Better

I wrote this blog post at the beginning of lockdown but for some reason didn’t share it. So I’m sharing it now…

Here are some ways to feel better. Here’s a bright inspiring wordsearch. Just a couple of minutes but the words will uplift you. Best done in a morning, to set a positive tone for the day.

You might like to create a word search of your favourite things. Maybe send it a friend who also loves the activity.

If you or the children fancy an art challenge why not paint, collage or print your bunting for home, and will also brighten up social media. If you have bunting already then maybe let it fly. Individual bunting flags around 16cm wide can be decorated and then sewn onto ribbon or placed on a length of sellotape.

Many people are making rainbows and displaying them in their windows for children to spot.

Here’s one for our window. For this technique I wet the paper where I wanted a colour to go, ie in an arc for the red. Then added gouache paint, which then flowed to the edge of the wet area. I then wet the next section and overlapped the red as I applied the yellow paint, therefore creating the orange when they layered. And so on. It’s an easy way to create a rainbow using just red, yellow, blue and an indigo, for contrast. Gouache colours are vibrant. This technique, paint on wet, needs a good thick paper or card so it remains nice and smooth and not buckled.

If video is what moves you then check out my art movies and animations on YouTube.

Leave the mixer in the cupboard and bake with just the strength and motion of your stirring, folding the ingredients. Let your mind wander as you mix and let yourself become engrossed in following the steps of a recipe. Edible treats are at the end so baking is a lovely thing to do. If you have time that you would normally have you might enjoy decorating them with pretty details.

My lovely niece enjoyed carefully decorating these buns so beautifully after breaking her foot. She enjoyed taking time in a way she wouldn’t normally and we all enjoyed these delightful bakes.

Planting and growing a garden can be so delightful and fulfilling.

For pretty much daily inspiration and content designed to make you feel better follow my Instagram and it Facebook Page,

Enjoy, be happy. Stuff will happen but we can escape into our own imagination, or each other’s imagination.

Have a better day, repeat and relax.

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