Ski A-Z ‘E’ for Extreme, Enjoy and Exhilaration…

I wasn’t sure as to whether there is relevance to continuing on with my ski A-Z project in the present global climate. But time is spent in lockdown should be time made better by finding the joy, and I get a lot of joy from making this work, and so I found that it felt best to continue. There’s a lot of people who enjoy skiing and mountain sports and so maybe share in the work can share some joy too.

If you’ve not seen my artworks for the letters from A to D then check out the links at the bottom of this blog post to catch up there.

Next up is the letter ‘E’ there are a lot of words that came to mind for E and I have incorporated this into a large artwork which illustrates some of my favourite ski feelings.

These are:

Enjoyment of the soaring peaks and stunning views of the mountain environment.

Exhilaration of skiing strong and fast, putting myself against the challenge of the mountain slopes. I always enjoyed giant slalom, over slalom courses, when we were ski racing.

Experiences – Skiing is a great switch off as it’s so engrossing physically and mentally that it’s hard to think of anything else meaning it’s a magic kind of mountain meditation.

One of the ways I love to experience and soak up the mountain atmosphere is to get off the piste and find somewhere to just sit, and be in an entirely natural environment, ideally with a semmel sandwich and a refreshing drink. To sit awhile and take it all in. For the non skiers, if you can get your skis into the snow you can use your ski poles between them to make a seat. Alternatively you can sit on the snow, ideally on a rucksack or plastic bag to avoid getting a soggy ski pants.

Extreme skiing needs you to have your wits about you and is so satisfying when you look back up a slope that you’ve achieved. Often having experienced a range of emotions on the way from doubt and fear to joy and euphoria.

My most extreme ski experience was Heli-skiing in the Caucasus mountains of Russia and Georgia. I illustrated an account of this trip which you can read and see at this link.

Here are the links to the Ski A-Z work already created…

Apres-Ski Illustration

A-Z of Ski Glossary

Technical Ski Illustrations

Watch this space for the ski paintings for the letter F…

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West Side Story Poster Design

My submission for the West Side Story poster design brief for #makeartthatsells. Theatre production poster for West Side Story on Broadway, NYC.

Work in progress Letters cut from striking papers I’d painted.

I added dancer shapes cut from paper and, a compass point, then wrote text in Procreate app to complete the design.

Experimenting with bold textured lettering creating using Dr P..H, Martin Liquid Watercolours

You might want to check out Make Art That Sells from Lila Rogers Studio.

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Illustration and Animation Solutions

Illustration is a great alternative for marketing campaigns, where filming isn’t presently possible due to social distancing. Get in touch to discuss your marketing/ campaign requirements.

Find out more at this link

When resuming business operations striking visuals will be key to getting cut through to reach your customers and intended audience.

I bring PR skills and experience into illustration and design to create on message visual content.

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Peace Bear Design

This is the design I developed for a 6ft tall bear sculpture for the Bears of Sheffield city art trail, a fundraising initiative for The Children’s Hospital Charity for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Sheffield is a vibrant and wonderfully diverse city with many languages spoken. The Peace Bear represents all these languages in a message of peace and unity.

Peace is written on the bear in the languages of Sheffield’s people in community workshops, using their script, so that everyone can find their ‘Peace’ on the bear.

Peace has so many meanings of understanding, acceptance and cooperation, which underpin life in Sheffield.

Trialling paint hues. After enjoying Japanese watercolours and gouache lately I reminded myself of the characteristics of acrylic paint.

I enjoyed the process and look forward to seeing all the brightly coloured bears around Sheffield, raising money for this important and worthwhile charity.

These were my favourite designs from the Herd of Sheffield in 2016 which raised over £610,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital with 58 large and 72 small elephants.

The Elephants were all united at Meadowhall at the end of the campaign.

Unfortunately my design was not commissioned this year but thought I’d share my design to send love and peace to all at this challenging time.

Click here for more information about The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

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Easter Craft Ideas

Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones.

I hope you’re well, and are managing to find comfort and joy at home.

Easter is lovely time to make colourful seasonal creations featuring bunnies, chicks and chocolate. Here are some of my favourite creative Easter craft ideas to inspire.

This is my virtual greeting card design for Easter 2020. The Easter bunnies are enjoying their chocolate egg dwelling which is blooming with tulips. The family have made a fun helter-skelter slide, and will be delivering brightly wrapped house shaped chocolate treats over the Easter weekend.

I’ve created a colouring sheet of this artwork, you can download this at the end of this post.

Painting eggs is a classic idea, but gives beautiful effect. Hard boil the eggs and then paint with acrylic paints, the ones pictured are metallic. The eggs make a lovely table decoration for your household Easter celebration. You could try painting with food colouring if you want to still eat the eggs afterwards.

This was the Easter greeting I created for Easter 2018 – tulips, chocolate, a chick and a bunny.

If you have a space hopper you could bounce around a set course or route and time the races. Great comical fun.

This was a nice family activity from a few Easters ago, to make egg shapes to hide around home or the garden, fried eggs for fun and they are more difficult to find as they camouflage on pale surfaces. You can re-use polystyrene and cardboard from packaging.

This fun Easter decoration was at head height in the cloakroom and transformed everyone to the Easter Bunny as they washed their hands.

This cute little guy was digitally imposed into this egg design as my Easter greeting for 2019. Cute as any bunny to me.

I created this illustration for the local tennis club last year. What would an Easter greeting based on your favourite sport look like? You might like to draw this.

You can download and print this colouring page at the link below. I’d recommend coloured pencils or fine felt tip pens, as there are a number of small areas and details. For best results you might wish to try using just three or four Easter colours.

I hope you enjoy this. If you’d like to share it please use the hashtag #inspirebykim

Enjoy your colouring, download the page at this link…

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Easter Egg Pattern Design