Portfolio Club – Circus Illustration

I’m joining #portfolioclub one illustration assignment a month. This month’s theme is circus.

Here are some pieces which were developed from the drawings in the middle of this story.

My favourite outcomes are this first piece and the final illustration.

And here’s my final illustration. The big top blowing its top with fast paced acrobatic skills and death defying endeavours.

I’m going to call this piece done. My circus themed #portfolioclub illustration.

It’s been an interesting brief to work on and I’ve learned a lot.

Follow my work process at my Instagram feed.

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This work is inspired by Cirque du Soleil, The Greatest Showman and Blackpool’s Hot Ice Show and all the wonderful gymnasts I’ve enjoyed watching over the years.

Thanks, enjoy whatever you create today.

Textile Art – Appliqué Embroidered Illustrations

Home – where we are safe to restore and recharge.

Textile illustration in fabrics that I have dyed, painted and printed. Hand and machine stitch. Appliqué art.

Scroll to see the development of the work right back to dyeing the sun fabric with crocus flowers grown in our garden.

Tulips line the garden and colour and energy radiate from the creative studio at the top of the house.

The images show how the project developed.

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Tiny lavender bouquet brought by bluebird, delivering relaxation and sweet slumbers.

Textile illustration using hand and machine stitch with appliqué.

First sketched as part of the #illustrationworkshop process before being made in paper, then fabric.

Inspired by the lavender at #dawnirelandtextileartist group

Poppy stages embroidery inspired by our morning walk.

Saw this pretty poppy on our walk yesterday morning so I decided that it would be my subject for an appliqué embroidery. It’s not quite finished, a little hand sewing to follow, please pop back to see the completed work.

Created at @dawnirelandtextileartist workshop at #stitchedupandfleeced

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