Have a n-ice day! Sewing challenge

This was my written intention at the outset of my latest make inspired by ice cream.

Ice Cream beauty/ tech tablet/ make up bag.

Ice Cream van made using appliqué in key colours of fabrics, including my silk painted fabrics, as the front panel design for bag. Two lollies and an ice cream made in appliqué. All arranged on indigo dyed fabric using shibori technique. Heatpress printee onto silk, padded and machine embroidered to accentuate the ice cream van and ices.

Reverse side of the bag  is an ice cream, lollies and the scanned appliqué van on an indigo shibori ground as a repeat pattern. Which will be printed on satin, sort padded and then quirky quilting.

The ice cream texture is akin to a cloud and some could be pink. Zip pull of an ice- cream in shrink plastic.

The one main side, with repeat pattern on reverse, approach inspired by my cushion from Las Dalias market, Ibiza. 

Complementary coloured bag liner or could heatpress a design onto wipeable lining. That could have a secret message or mantra for the bag owner.

 It must be made with love. Look for the love and stay in love to get the magic. That said it doesn’t need to be perfect, that should not delay its creation.


And here it is… completed.

Here are the creation stages, I’m pleased with this bag.

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Instagram Highlights 

It’s a busy time as I’m working up to the final deadline for my Art Foundation course. Here are my latest Instagram highlights.

My completed batik panel. The sun rises on a beautiful day lighting the blossom and retiring the moon and stars from their magical night watch. A bright future is ahead. Batik wax and dyes on chiffon. Copyright Inspire by Kim. 

I wrote this as a reply to a comment and thought to share it. Enjoy today! 

Colourful screen printing session. Happy day seeing the colours play together on the fabric for this new garment. Copyright Inspire by Kim. 

Loving the colours for this new garment. Copyright Inspire by Kim. 

Exploring ways to make ice cream themed lace. 

If you’d like to see my colourful Instagram feed see it here

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