The Inspire Bear

Ta da: I’m delighted to share the Inspire by Kim bear. Made from fabrics that I have designed using techniques including batik, tie dye, dry point printing. 

When flicking through a magazine that my friend brought two years ago after my knee injury I saw a bear pattern that I just had to make in my fabrics. 

Now I’m not naturally a recipe/ pattern/ instruction follower by nature, but my keenness to make the bear helped me follow the steps in the Craft Seller article, which surprised both me and my loved ones. 

Starting to emerge
There was a little magic happened when I started making in fabrics that I have created myself. I chose contrasting fabrics ext to each other for a colourful, as you’d expect from me no doubt, cheery bear. 

I used free machine embroidery to add a colourful heart and make his nose. 

Read to be turned out
Loving the fabric colours meant that I loved the process. The making was also a great boot camp for my sewing techniques as the size of the bear made for small seam allowances which were sometimes fiddly. 

The bear is intended to delight. He carries the messages ‘Be’ and ‘Light’ as a reminder not to take things too seriously, easier said than done. His ear has the Inspire by Kim brand and he has ‘Kim’  on his foot, a little nod to the Tou Story films with Buzz Lightyear and Woody each having ‘Andy’ on their foot. 

Craft Seller magazine that inspired the make
Bashful Bare

I’m wondering about adding eyes, but I’m going to sleep on that as I’m liking him just as he is right now. 

I’m excited to see where this latest make will lead to next. Watch this space and follow my blog if you’ve enjoyed this post.
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Highlights on Instagram

It’s one of those lovely experimental, colourful creative times when I’m exploring techniques and media.

Here are the latest highlights from my art exploring, from my Instagram gallery. Enjoy and I hope you are uplifted and/or inspired. 

Embellishing exoloration with textiles
Textiles Experimenting on the embellishing machine. Playing with lace, wool and felts to create some inspiring sample sections. 

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Sunset Clouds And Sunrise Embroidery – Copyright Kim
Playing with the sewing machine. Being less literal with my sewing into the image. Head in the clouds.  

The wonderful ink hues. – Copyright Kim

Magic Day In The Print Room – Remembering this day 2016. 

Fabulous Winged Woman – Collograph Print ~ Copyright Kim
Magic Day In The Print Room – Remembering this day 2016. Collograph Winged Female

Art time out at my hairdressers.
Art session at the hairdressers. My hairdresser and I enjoyed a lovely painting session between cuts. 

Creating with colourful textiles

Work in progress. Loving these colours. Interested to see how this develops😊

Can you see the heart? Felt fun.

First time making felt. Sunny sea scene. The story in pictures and the full piece images are at this link 

Open Studios
One week to go until my Open Studio. 12-6pm on 2nd April at Bloc Studios, Sheffield 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day. 😊

Dissolvable Fabric Art Experiment

Winged Heart embellishment. I made this heart with metallic wings using free machine embroidery and dissolvable fabric.

Be Light and Free Spirited: Winged Heart embellishment for my Inspire by Kim bag. I made this heart with metallic wings using free machine embroidery and dissolvable fabric and have sewn it onto the intaglio printed satin. Link in bio. 

Be Light: Winged Heart embellishment added to my Inspire by Kim shoulder bag. I have sewn the winged heart onto the intaglio printed satin panel of the bag. 

See the picture Story if the Inspire by Kim dress at this link.