2016 in Pictures

2016 has been a year of colour, creation and challenges for me. Here are the highlights of the year in pictures. (You can click on the pictures for the full story on the different elements).

First Art Exhibition in March

First Solo Art Exhibition
First Self-Portrait

First Painted Self Portrait

Self Portrait – Acrylics – Copyright Kim
First Oil Painting

Underwater Calm Lady – Copyright Kim
First Retail Placements

First Art Projection – this link directs to the Exhibition which featured this artwork.


The Light of Inspiration – Copyright Kim

Ice-Cream Paper-Cut Picture Completed

Hot Days Eating Cool Ice Cream – Copyright Kim
First Jigsaw


First Art and Design Competition Win and Media Coverage



Article from The Star newspaper, Sheffield.

First Book


Sam – The Dog Who Wanted To Fly – Copyright Kim

Here’s the 58 seconds movie of my First Art Exhibition.

My largest artwork in 2016 is a commissioned artwork which I’ll be revealing here very soon.

I’m astounded that my blog has been viewed in 82 countries in 2016, I love the idea of my art reaching out across the globe. Thanks to everyone who followed, Liked, commented, bought and visited my art in 2016. I appreciate everything.

I dedicate this post to my dear Grandad who left us this year. 

The next post will be looking forwards to 2017. Follow my blog to see that post when it is live.

And finally…

My Story

About Inspire


Elements – Fashion Illustrations

I had a fun time creating Elements inspired fashion illustrations using inks, screen printed papers and Lino printed papers. 

Screenprints - Copyright Kim
Screenprints – Copyright Kim
Fashion illustration, dress design
Fire and Ice – Copyright Kim
Hot Ice - Markers, acrylic paint, Brusso and glitter for this fiery female fashion illustration.  www.inspirebykim.com  #Fire #ice #Fashion #illustration #kimk #inspirebykim #fashionillustration #sheffieldcollege  #elements #water #red #cobalt #sheffieldartist #empowered #feelgood #glitter #dress
Hot Ice Fashion Illustration – Copyright Kim
Fire Girl Screen Print and Ink Fashion Illustration www.inspirebykim.com  #Fire #Fashion #illustration #printing  #screenprinting #kimk #inspirebykim #fashionillustration #sheffieldcollege  #elements  #red #black #sheffieldartist #empowered #feelgood #littleblackdress #partydress #blackdress #nyc #empirestate #newyork #Manhattan #sheffcol #art #design
Fire Girl – Ink on Screenprint – Copyright Kim

To see more art of my art like this:

Architectural Fashion Concepts

Fashion Ilustration Art Challenge

Life Drawings on Lino

Enjoy today! 

Design Challenge – Pocket Sized Toy

The brief was to design a pocket sized toy made in only wood or metal. It had to have educational benefits.

I brainstormed and researched toys and developed and made a prototype drawing tablet. The handy tablet was designed for use with, and to store, dry wipe felt tip pens. With one drawing surface dry wipe and the other replaceable paper sheets.

For anyone from three years of age upwards the toy is ideal for nurturing creativity whilst in the car, at the table or on the sofa. The drawing tablet can also be used for interactive play with adults or other children, for games such as tic tac toe or hangman.

I’m considering a model which has glow in the dark dry wipe paint, for note making or drawing the creative concepts that arrive in my thoughts in the night.

The toy could be used by the child independently or with an adult for games such as tic tac toe or hangman.

Learning Benefits are for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, drawing and writing skills, and colour recognition.

Drawing Tablet Design Sheet -Copyright Kim. Patent Pending.

Making the prototype involved use of the band saw, rotating sander, pillar drill, hand drill, metal cutting machine, metal folding machine, blow torch and more.

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