Cheese Grater Design Press Release

Heather Smith, Principal, The Sheffield College, said: “I am very proud of Kim’s achievements and absolutely love her design….I wish Kim all the best for what I am sure will be a successful future.”
​​​​​​Press Release: Issue date: November 24th 2016 
Sheffield College Student’s ‘Grate’ Award Winning Design


An award winning Sheffield College art student has issued an appeal to businesses to help her launch a novel city souvenir.


Kim Kay, 43, has designed a cheese grater that looks just like the city’s iconic car park on Charles Street, in Sheffield city centre, affectionately known by the same name to locals.


Kim came up with the kitchen utensil idea for a Sheffield Design Week 2016 competition, which she won. The brief was to design a city souvenir, reflecting the industry, personality and craft of Sheffield.


Now she has launched an appeal for designers and businesses to help her develop the idea further so that it can go into production.


She said: “I’m delighted to win. At first, when I had the cheese grater inspired souvenir idea, I thought it was too obvious. But Sheffield is a city built on steel, and so it had to be a steel souvenir. Now I’m hoping to get the design into production.


“The feedback has been consistently positive with people saying they love the idea and would buy one for their kitchen. I’ve started approaching product design and business experts in the city in the hope of finding the right Yorkshire business to manufacture the cheese grater,” added Kim.


Kim is currently completing a UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at The Sheffield College’s Hillsborough campus on Livesey Street. Kim has also successfully completed a one-year Access to Higher Education (University) in Art and Design course at the College. Visit


She decided to return to education after suffering a serious knee injury whilst skiing in Austria last year; an injury that required major surgery and two years of treatment and exercises to recover from. The injury forced Kim to stop sport, including ice skating and running, and her successful public relations career. Instead, she began to explore a passion for art.




Kim explained: “Returning to education has changed my life. It required some adjustment but I soon got into the swing of the course and the college atmosphere. To anyone wishing to change to a different line of work my advice is, just enrol and turn up.


“I could not have imagined what I would have achieved in the past year. Thanks to the great teaching staff, I have developed a strong range and body of work and experimented with different mediums. I now look forward to the future with excitement.”


Kim has launched various exhibitions of her work and has been commissioned. The cheese grater is her latest design. Her ambition is to have a successful art business with a portfolio of art, design, illustration, licensing and commission work. For more information and to get in touch with Kim, visit


Heather Smith, Principal, The Sheffield College, said: “I am very proud of Kim’s achievements and absolutely love her design. As a College we say that we transform lives through learning and this certainly seems to be the case here. Our art and design courses are built around exciting, relevant real-life projects and prepare students very well for their future career. I wish Kim all the best for what I am sure will be a successful future.”


To find out more about access courses and foundation diplomas, visit or call 0114 2602600.


About The Sheffield College


• The Sheffield College is a further education college that provides full-time and part-time academic, vocational and professional courses to approximately 16,000 young people and adults every year. It has a £321 million economic impact on the city annually.


• The College offers a broad range of qualifications including apprenticeships, vocational diplomas, A Levels, access courses, and foundation and honours degrees, and has four main campuses: City, Hillsborough, Olive Grove and Peaks. Visit Call 0114 2602600. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Media contact:

 Mary Hampshire, Head of Media Relations

The Sheffield College

Telephone: 07985 779078



 Here’s my blog post about the challenge

Life Drawings on Lino

Life drawing is important for my work as my art is very much about feeling good about life and doing one’s best to stay positive, as I’m female the characters in my art are most often female, so being able to represent women through drawing is important.  

A number of life drawing sessions were timetables for the start of the Foundation Studies course, as the figure is considered to be one of the hardest things to draw. 

I used a beautiful life drawing from UAL Chelsea and used Lino cutting techniques to cut into rubber. 

I added feathers when printing. I’m delighted with the outcomes.

Cutting process in progress
Love the contrast between the colours

I love the vividness of the colours achieved and contrast with printing inks on the white paper.

I think I prefer this print reversed…

Raspberry Ripple Girl
Striking orange against the white paper

I cleaned the Lino with white spirit then cut further her into the Lino and re-inked and created more prints. 

The second part of this challenge was to Lino cut directly from looking at the life model using just the cutting tool and Lino. Here are the resulting prints with the bright colours being inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s ceiling murals that I saw in Zurich Police Headquarters last week.

Black ink on brown paper
I like how this figure grows
Print on brown paper with colours inspired by Giacometti’s murals


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Architectural Fashion Concepts

The latest design challenge on my Art Foundation course has been to create Fashion Concepts inspired by architecture. 

I chose an Amsterdam canal house, as the starting point for one design concept. ​​

Following on from my winning Sheffield Souvenir Design I explored a fashion concept inspired by the Sheffield building dubbed ‘The Cheese Grater’. 

Whilst at the Design Museum in Zurich last week I created a building in Lego, so I also used that as a starting point for a fashion concept. I love the final outcomes. 


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Seeking Art Video Soundtrack Musician 

Seeking a creative, innovative musician to compose a bright, magical, inspiring, original one minute piece of music to be a soundtrack for my upcoming art videos. If this sounds like someone you know please send this post on to them. Musicians can private message me. Thanks. 

You can get an idea of the task by viewing my YouTube Channel Art Movies playlist

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Winning Souvenir Design Idea Reported In The Press

Sheffield is a great city and it would be wonderful if a local company could manufacture the cheese graters as a useful momento of people’s visits to the steel city. Story in The Star newspaper today.

The story is also online on The Star website.

If you’re a Sheffield based business that would be interested in defelop by a prototype and or manufacturing the cheese grater please email me at

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Sheffield Metalwork Souvenir Prototype

Whilst developing ideas for the Sheffield Souvenir Competition for Made North‘s Sheffield Design Week I explored creating a design to represent the city of Sheffield. Here’s the process of acid etching and annealing a Sheffield steel plate to represent the city, its industrial heritage and its top athletes.

Testing a blog version of the post today. You have a choice: Watch the one minute movie or the process, or read on for the text cut and image version.

Marking the key points of the design onto the steel
Varnish painted on to resist the steel – The design features Sheffield landmarks, cutlery and Sheffield athletes Sebastian Coe, Jess Ennis-Hill and James ‘Woodsy’ Woods
The plate in the acid to etch the design
Annealing the steel with a blow torch in the hearth to bring out the colour

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Life Drawing For Relaxation

The first time trying life drawing is an unusual experience but once you relax into the drawing process Life Drawing requires a careful process of looking, marking the paper, looking again, making marks. The careful consideration of the model’s form and trying to accurately represent it leaves little room for other thoughts making it relaxing and a way of switching off/disconnecting from our busy lives.  

I struggle to meditate, find mindfulness a bit confusing but when I’m life drawing I can find a place of conscious thinking which is also a little unconscious. Sometimes I sit back from my drawing and I wonder where it has come from and how that came about as the many small marks become a whole representative piece.

Non-judgement of the drawing during its creation calms the mind, slows the breathing and allows for an enjoyable process. I use the thought that ‘with practice the drawing will only get better’, so I try not to judge the drawing but let the process of practice deal with my development. 

I first tried life drawing 13 months ago, here are the drawings from the latest session. This session began a little differently as the model was wearing a satin gown, so we could try to capture the texture and folds of the fabric. This was inspired by the ‘Robes‘ series of artworks by American artist Jim Dine created over an almost 50 year period as a form of self portrait from 1964 onwards. (Bizarre concept but fab colours)?

It’s a very pure form of art that has remained the same process for hundreds of years. 

You can use whatever medium you wish for life drawing in this session I worked in Quink, my favourite pink drawing ink and also at the end of session oil pastels. 

I like this first drawing, I can see a film star of the 1930s in the drawing. Copyright Kim
This is the first time I’ve managed to create a number of studies on one sheet as I normally draw too big. Copyright Kim
This one was created at arms length whilst tanning. The paper on the floor and using a brush on the end of a bamboo cane. (An exercise)
I began this one using four oil pastels in my hand simultaneously marking the lines fourfold. Then used Quink ink to make the colours pop. Copyright Kim
The final drawing of the session, I’m satisfied that this captures the volume and form. I like the strength of colour as it’s very in keeping with the bright inspiring ‘Inspire by Kim’ style. Copyright Kim
The drawing is valuable practice in representing form of all kinds and aids observation skills, so it’s beneficial to all art work. If you’ve not tried it, and like me forget that you were trying to meditate or be mindful, then maybe try life drawing to achieve calm. 

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