Bubble Wrap Coat To Save Our Seas

Inspired by the myriad of multicoloured diverse sea life of the Red Sea I Upcycled bubblewrap to create a muti-message coat.

The sleeveless, full length coat was created using the polyfusion technique to communicate to save our seas, stop waste disposal at sea and demonstrate the beauty and diversity of ocean species. The coat features my watercolour, paper cut and digital artworks. 




 We are dependent on the seas for our existence and so its health and the sealife that call it home are fundamental to our existence. I watched a great documentary on this and some of the marine life atrocities. 

If you’d like to know more or see photos of the coat modelled then please comment or message me. Inspirebykim@outlook.com

Sea life related challenges are:

Painting Fish

Painting Fish – Part Two

Under the Sea

Also see related artworks in my Portfolio. I’m working on the final two art challenges so I’m looking forward to achieving the whole 52. I’ll tell more when I can. 

Have a great day. Kim 😊

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