The Hardest Year, 2015, Ends – Art Reflection 

 My year started with acute knee injury and then major surgery. It has been the hardest year but it enabled me to develop my art. I’m most proud of my bright female characters.  

Thanks for your support for my blog, enjoy the final day of the year. Kim 



Collograph Printing – Art Challenge 50

After enjoying the Lino Printing Collograph was suggested to me. You can find out more about the process, and the extensive history of Collograph at this Wikipedia link, Collograph.

I created charcoal drawings as the basis of design which used the most interesting sections of the drawings. Enlarged sections of the drawings were stuck onto a thick cardboard, scored back, strip, before upcycled items were used to build texture. These included tin foil, coffee cup cardboard, string, fabric, ribbon and wire.


Once the strip has its textures it had to be twice coated with Shellac to harden it. Once dried I applied thick inks, and then removed the excess before putting the design and high quality dampened paper through the large printing press.

I quite liked the toffee look once the Shellac had been applied.

I hadn’t known what to expect as the end result. I was fascinated by the depth of the print and the effect which was a little like a photocopy but much more interesting and three dimensional. I created a number of pieces trying different colours and the design changed as it was gradually flattened to a degree. Here are my favourite pieces.img_9494img_9492img_9491Thank you for visiting this post. Other related posts are:

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Lino Printing – Art Challenge 49

My first experience of lino printing proved enjoyable and productive.

Based on a digitally collaged image of an angel protected by a colour bubble and an outer bubble I drew the image onto tracing paper to transfer onto a piece of lino.

The lino was then placed on a warming plate until it was warmed enough to make etching the lino have a buttery feel.

I etched along the lines of the drawing and then added the word Peace.

Then wearing an apron, hair tied back and barrier cream on my hands I applied ink with a roller onto a second piece of lino to create a background. I put the background lino sheet and a piece of paper through the roller press.

I then inked my etched piece of lino and then put the roller press over this to transfer the etched design onto the background.

I tried different combinations of background colour and sometimes added neat ink and white to add tone to the background.

I created many different iterations to become accustomed to the process. I then began to pick out key elements of the design in different colours.

I quickly realised that I should have reversed the letters for the “Peace’ slogan, but the sake of effect i have reversed the photos.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process and hope to try collograph printing next.

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