Fashion Illustration – Art Challenge 48

This is a new area for me and I wasn’t sure whether I would like fashion drawing as I have strong anti-consumer feel is when it comes to brands, labels and the marketing behind encouraging people to buy and covet things that they often cannot afford and frankly do not need.

For me clothes have to be functional and fit for purpose first and foremost, secondly comfort is key, soft fabrics, cosiness and then it must be something that expresses you and makes you feel good to wear it.

Annyyyway these art challenges are about pushing my boundaries so I kept an open mind and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

When I was maybe 7 or 8 I had a fashion rubbing set which enabled you to choose different heads, then different top section of body clothes and then skirts or trousers with shoes. The task was to piece together the lady and then taking a rubbing of the constructed person to create a picture. When I was fashion drawing it reminded me of that and for some of the time I was 7 again.


These first two drawings were created with marker pens, then one of the drawings was edited in Photoshop on top of a patterned background I had made. Marker Girl 1 completed

Fashion illustration
Fire and Frozen

Blue – ink and white acrylic on a base coat of PVA gave a lovely shine and tactile feel to this illustration. 

I wanted to round my fashion illustration by drawing a male design. This piece is Dark Angel using collage, inks and acrylics.
Kim Plastic Girl
This piece is the white dress design enhanced on Photoshop with my photograph as a background. I like the plastic wrap effect and overall end result of this piece.

Thank you for
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Dark Art – Art Challenge 47

I am cautious to stray into a darker psyche but have been motivated to do so a few times of late.

I aim to inspire and uplift people because I feel there is so much darkness in the world. The news media make hearing and seeing the darkness hard to avoid. I  made this short video about the news media in 2013.“>IMG_8998

I hope that in posting these creations I don’t offend or upset.

how the darkness of our suffering world suffocates my heart


When sadnrss begins to creep over


The cloud of darkness like a thick blavk sludgey tar blocking out the colour and the light
Desperation and despair when hope seems futile and I acknowledge that the workd is screwed


Romantic meals and rock concerts ruined by bullets and explosives. A bloody Friday that rocked the World.


Image 40
Peace for Paris and all of us


My pondering girl with lego Peace/ Ban the Bomb lenses. 

Thats it, I’ve gone into the darkness, enough of that, back to bright fun posts next week. have a great rest of the week everyone.

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Kim x