Figurative Drawing – The Next Level

An intended Life Drawing session became a figurative drawing session as the model was unavailable. 

Instead the members of the group took turns to model for the artists. I sat for what felt like an endless 10 minutes, and found it incredibly hard to be still and retain focus. The experience of sitting and being looked at gave me a huge respect for Life Drawing models. 

My first drawings were A2 using charcoal for 10 minutes each, working at an easel.





 After the break I worked seated using a drawing board for poses of 15-20 minutes. These were the first male subjects I had drawn.  

I’m pleased with the improvement I can see since the Figurative Drawing Art Challemge. The heads and faces were a great improvement on those in my Life Drawing Art Challenge. 

I didn’t think I had it in me to draw in this way so it feels like receiving a wonderful gift that I hadn’t expected to discover. 

Thanks for vewing this post. I’m very grateful. Feel free to stay a while and enjoy some more artworks and their stories. 

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4 thoughts on “Figurative Drawing – The Next Level”

    1. Thanks Richard. I’m enjoying the charcoal, very messy everywhere though. There are a lot of pieces because I’m not patient so working quickly seems to be my best way, it also stops me thinking and analysing.


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