Figurative Drawing – Art Challenge 41

The challenge was to study figurative works by artists, recreate them and then take the style of one onto my own subject matter.

I’ve always liked the feeling in Klimt”s The Kiss. I like colours and patterns too
Michelangelo’s Study for The Battle of Casciana – I like the strength and power demonstrated by the form.
Egon Schiele – Self-portrait. I love the strong lines and boldness of this style
Wire portrait , note self be sure to note down the artist!
My quick oil pastel interpretation of Klimt’s The Kiss
My wire portrait. I didn’t have time to do the hair but might do that at another time as I like to capture the flowing lines of hair.
I”m most pleased with my charcoal representation of Egon Shiele’s self-portrait. working in the same medium helped and working big, this piece is A1.
This was my first experience of a graphite stick, the shading was challenging and my figure has a more female look around the head.
The next task was to draw people around me in the style of one of the artists, so drew in Egon Schiele’s style with varied success. size A1. The pink was on the light box when I took the image.

I’m pleased with my drawings, I threw myself into the challenge as I didn’t feel that being tentative would serve my purpose. Going forwards I would take the fugues bigger in order to be able to use the Schiele style more effectively.

This art challenge empowered me to create my next underwater figure mixed media pieces.

Under The Sea – Inspired by happy hours swimming with the fish in the Red Sea, Egypt

This was a bold step forward in terms of character and figure drawing and representation.

i’d Like To Be, Under The Sea. Pleased with is figurative mixed media fantasy work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it is very much appreciated, I hope you enjoy whichever posts you read.

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6 thoughts on “Figurative Drawing – Art Challenge 41”

  1. Kim I did enjoy studying this challenge and just feel amazed to follow your creations. You just keep shocking me and now you are moving away from the prominence of colour and creating with charcoal and metals etc.
    A really impressed DAD well done !!!!


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