My Art Studio – The First Year

I was excited and delighted to move into my art studio a year ago.   It was a blank canvas, just a white walled room in Victorian building with a desk (later replaced with a table) a white board and a chair. The southerly orientation of the window was ideal for me as I like sunlight.

I enjoyed planning and making the space how I wanted, it didn’t have to appeal to anyone else.

I added my comfy chair for reading, pondering and sometimes snoozing. A storage unit which I added lights to, in amongst my paints and brushes. I took my many artworks, drawings, paintings that had never been displayed and put them where I could see them. By airing and showing them I started to believe, a little more, that I was right to explore the artist within me and let art become a focus and indulgence of my life.

I was busy preparing for my first ice show and so was often between my studio and the rink for the first two months, my skate boots would be drying out on the floor. On fine days I would take a walk in the adjoining country park, exploring a little further each time.

Art Challenge 17 - The Art of Skating
The Art of Skating. Copyright Kim 2014

Then on January 4th 2015 I blew my knee, an acute injury that six weeks later required acute surgery. 3 months on crutches, 4 months unable to drive and a resolve testing repetitive programme of rehabilitation exercises leads me to today.
This was not the year I expected and has seen my studio visits few and far between. But as I start to feel I am making the first steps into the light at the end of the tunnel, I have walked subconsciously for the first time, able to look around at the sky and trees. IMG_2288 The injury has not been all bad, it meant that I had the space to practice art. I had to resign from the marketing work I had just been contracted to. Other than my exercises I didn’t have time or energy for anything else, but art I could create sat on the floor, bed or with my leg elevated on the settee.
So I hope that as I go into the second year of my studio that I can now enjoy the space as I intended, to explore, learn, try privately and on the good days create beautiful original art. Hey I might even do Open Studios events sometimes.

My injury made me fearful of pain, death and further injury. The good thing is that it makes fear of making a mark, making a wrong line on a paper, laughable. This puts me in an ideal mindset to freely, open heartedly explore art, practice, learn and create works I would never have thought possible for me. So I boldly go forwards knowing it won’t all be good but that there is a solace for me in my studio space, in the colours and invention of making new art.

Here are the highlights from the past year. I’m excited for the next.
Twins Pic on Easel


Rainbow Dancer by Kim
Copyright Inspire by Kim

Thanks for visiting my blog, maybe get a cup of tea and stay a while in this colourful space. Hoping you;re inspired in some way and maybe that it brightens your day. Enjoy!

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Figurative Drawing – The Next Level

An intended Life Drawing session became a figurative drawing session as the model was unavailable. 

Instead the members of the group took turns to model for the artists. I sat for what felt like an endless 10 minutes, and found it incredibly hard to be still and retain focus. The experience of sitting and being looked at gave me a huge respect for Life Drawing models. 

My first drawings were A2 using charcoal for 10 minutes each, working at an easel.





 After the break I worked seated using a drawing board for poses of 15-20 minutes. These were the first male subjects I had drawn.  

I’m pleased with the improvement I can see since the Figurative Drawing Art Challemge. The heads and faces were a great improvement on those in my Life Drawing Art Challenge. 

I didn’t think I had it in me to draw in this way so it feels like receiving a wonderful gift that I hadn’t expected to discover. 

Thanks for vewing this post. I’m very grateful. Feel free to stay a while and enjoy some more artworks and their stories. 

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Life Drawing – Art Challenge 44

Had a great afternoon as my first experience of life drawing.
We had four ten minute period to draw the female model in four different poses. We were encouraged to try a range of media, I had two thicknesses of charcoal, my pit pen and a pencil ready.
After my figurative drawing practice which formed part of the figurative drawing art challenge I decided to choose the charcoal, as I had been pleased with the former results.
I felt that the drawing for each pose improved as I practiced and learned and looked and drew. I was moved by the purity of the experience, like it was getting back to natural and the natural human form. I felt a warmth of gratitude at the opportunity and at the courage of the model to make her body available for our art experience and education.





When we took a short break I felt near exhausted from the energy I had out into to the shorter and the longer duration pieces of work. The last before the break was to use colour and oil pastels were recommended. I chose red, yellow. Orange, green and blue pastels as I didn’t know what I would need. I set to with the colours, shading with the complementary colours and the longer sitting time of the seated pose gave a lot of opportunity for detail and working into the picture.
The first half of the session I had been working at an easel on A1 paper, after so long standing my knee needed a rest so I took the seated option for the second part of the session.
As I had a very different drawing position I chose charcoal again for the next drawing and with more time worked into the detail. I don’t feel that the torso is the correct proportion but I’m pleased for a first time attempt. We were then advised to use a medium that we hadn’t previously used so I chose watercolour and large, thin and fine brushes. Again I chose the colours and darkened with complimentary colours to capture the model’s laid down pose.

I’m delighted with the progress that I made in the session, with what I learned and the fact that although it was nervous beforehand I relaxed into it. Was able to not overthink the task and knew I was enjoying it when I almost sang out loud. Will definitely be life drawing again as I really enjoyed it and contrary to my prior perception did reasonably well. I need to work on promotion and facial details but overall the results were positive.
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Upcycled Lumiere From A World Globe – Art Challenge 43

I was excited to get stuck into the challenge of creating a lamp from found items.

The challenge was part of a larger workstream of upcycling, which followed the Marble Run creation that was Art Challenge 40.

Marble Run Challenge – Click to see our fun Marble Run
A number of items that were merely dust collecting in our home or languishing on top of the cupboard came to mind as items that needed a new purpose and new life.

In our home we have some cherished items of furniture that we have inherited or chosen instead of buying new items, as we struggle to see the rationale in buying something that is newly made when there are older, better quality items in existence, that have a story and deserve to be cherished and lived with.

I collected the items which were a children’s globe, a wooden interlocking kangaroo puzzle and a counterbalance wine bottle holder that we never trusted enough to use. I drew the components for the lamp as a way of understanding their form better and drew sketches of different options of how the components may be put together.

Testing the translucence of the globe before drilling the places visited holes.
Testing the translucence of the globe before drilling the places visited holes.
I had a limited amount of time in which to create the working lamp so I began building the lamp, firstly with the upright made from the wooden puzzle which I gave a structure to using wire ring binding. I used the ring binding wire to secure and hold the flex.


I then fitted the upright into the bottle holder base, put a groove for the flex in the top of the puzzle and underneath the base wood. Once I added the brass fixing for the lamp housing I could then start to secure the globe.

I drilled holes on the globe in the places I have visited to give an extra point of interest and to vary the intensity of the light given.

It was tricky to support and affix the globe in a way that enabled the bulb to be changeable. I gave consideration to a number of possible support means,  including wire, an additional strut or a plaster hand to support it. I also thought of Velcro as this would grip the globe and still be separable. I’m pleased  to say that the Velcro worked and held fine.

IMG_7907 IMG_7906 IMG_7910

The theme of the piece is about travel enlightening, and the wonders our world holds, so I added bends of wire like a crazy network of journeys. Finally  I added three small paper aeroplanes made from an old map.

IMG_8051 IMG_8052

To reference to flight I added feathers left in our garden when birds had been prey to a local fox or cat. The feathers worked well to soften the design and give a more feminine touch, they could be suggestive of angels above our world.

Ta Da - the final creation.
Ta Da – the final creation.
Delighted with the final outcome it was very much as I planned and is as attractive and effective as I hoped.
I learned that I ought to have tried things together without fixing them first and have given more consideration to fixings before I began but I enjoyed the challenge and now look forward to feeling pride when I use the light.


Thank you! Thanks for reading this post I hope this has sparked a little inspiration, if so I would love to hear about that in the comments below. If you would like to see more please have a look at my other challenges and to be notified when my next challenge is completed you can ‘Follow” my blog.

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