Painted Fish Used In Underwater (He)Artwork

Sadly we won’t be going to Egyot this winter. Which means I won’t be swimming with the myriad of underwater life in the Red Sea.
So I dove in and created this piece about how it feels to explorebeneath the surface. The artwork features my favourite fishy friends.

I created this piece using the Pixelmator app and added in layers using the photographs of the watercolour fish that were created in the previous art challenges. Those were painted with seawater. I have painted additional detail on them in Pixelmator to show the iridescence of the underwater light.

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Art Competition Entry – Art Challenge 39

I entered the impressively titled Global Talent Search. My first art competition brief was to design a trainer.

There was a detailed brief explaining about the female character and her life in Brooklyn. The character Antoinette had just got a new bike and needed a pair of trainers. 

The competition coincided with our sun holiday so I didn’t have studio time to spend. I created a design on my iPad using my present favourite art app Pixelmator.  The entry would first be seen thumbnail sized so I used my favourite colours to make it eye catching. 


The competition organisers ran a course in June in Brighton that I had hoped to attend but when I was ready to book it had sold out. 80% of the 50 finalists had attended the course. I’m not amongst the finalists but it was an interesting experience and I learned a lot. It’s great to see the entries and see how people have used the brief.

I found this more challenging than working to my commission briefs as I didn’t know the person as well as those I have created my commissions for. I therefore ensured there was enough of my joy in the creation so that I created something I was happy with. I’ve lived in the trainers most of this year whilst rehabbing my knee so would love a pair like this one. 

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Portfolio – Art Challenge 38

An exciting new opportunity required me to show a Portfolio.

Creating a Portfolio has been on my ‘ought to do’ list for some time but as opportunity arose that gave me 24 hours in which I needed to show it. 

I had been working on my online Portfolio including my digital creations, which is now live here

I drove to my studio and selected my favourite pieces that have been key to my development. I carefully placed them into a folder pairing the pieces and contrasting the different mediums. 

I love to make short movies so also showed the key art movies from my YouTube channel playlist.

It was great to see the art together and now means I’m ready to discuss a number of other opportunities. Onwards and forwards. I’m so excited. 

I hope you enjoy seeing my Portfolio. Many of the artworks have been created as Art Challenges so their stories are on this site. 

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