Art Challenge 36 – Greetings Cards

As I have followed a more creative path this year it felt appropriate to put art into the cards I have given this year? ere are some of the designs from the earlier ones to the most recent. The birthdays and life events were great occasions to show my appreciation for friends and family by creating bespoke cards.

I gained cionfidence and was more able to use my art And paper cutting skills more.   Id like to create some notecards from artworks and get them printed.




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This mornings’s creation for a fabulous Friday. 

I often share artworks in a morning on my Facebook page to inspire and hopefully shine some colour into the start of the day. 

Here is today’s artwork, which I’m pleased with as my ability improves I am liking what I am creating. I don’t know what the end result will be when I start so the creations are a surprise and often a lovely one as I feel I am getting closer to finding my artistic groove. 

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I hope you have a great Friday, thanks so much for viewing my blog and to each one of my subscribers I am extremely grateful for your support. Enjoy. Kim x