Art Challenge 31 – Painted Bird House

I couldn’t resist a wooden birdhouse at The Works for just £2 (UK).

The Works Birdhouse

I figured that having made the pictures of pretty buildings in cut paper and having created a gingerbread house that I would be able to attractively decorate the small wooden nesting box.

Ski Chalet. Kim 2014
Beach Huts Paper-Cut Picture
Art Challenge 13 - Paper-Cut Pictures
Allotments Paper-Cut Picture
Ski Chalet Paper-Cut Picture
Gingerbread House

I used some of the techniques and supplies from the Kelly Rae-Roberts mixed media arts course that I am currently enjoying and swiftly transformed the little house with details, love and some wildlife. See if you can spot the Maltese dog, birds and a mole.

With a  coat of spray varnish the house will be added to our garden and maybe it will provide shelter for a small bird. Either way it’s an attractive addition to our garden and I enjoyed the process and am pleasantly surprised by the final effect.


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