Art Challenge 29 – Beach Huts Peg Bag

I wanted to make a pretty peg bag for our home. 

I spotted some beach huts fabric, which echoed the beach huts in my paper cut pictures. I used the old bag as a template. As the sewing machine was missing a part I hand stitched it. 
I added buttons, sequins, beads to accentuate the beach huts features. 
I then considered the bag completed until my Mum offered to buy me. Cath Kidston one. Not at all offended I decided the bag must not be special enough!
So I took silver metallic thread, sewed a silver lining under each cloud and also outlined the windows.
I then found some gold diamantes to use as the sun and added sun rays in yellow embroidery silk and then added gold metallic stitching. 


Hopefully that is it finished.
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Art Challenge 28 –  Dog Portraits – Maltese

Sam was a wonderful Maltese Terrier rescued from the streets of France’s second city, Lyon to a new home in the French Alps. 

We walked in the summer pastures and on the snow. We would play fetch, sit together in front of a movie. Sometimes we would go on a trip away for a few days, he was happy in the car, he loved to stand on his hind legs with his front paws on the windowsill and turn towards the oncoming wind, his ears trailing.

We had a lovely time together and over the years. He provided sympathetic company and comfort in times of family trauma.
Sam died last Summer, just after I had completed a paper cut picture of a row of beach huts. I think it was my mum who suggested adding Sam to the picture. That was the first of a series of three pictures, Sam has since featured in each of them. In a later picture is the central character and has become the subject of adventure stories which are forming a book.
As a personal art challenge I have created additional pictures of Sam in different mediums, inspired in part by talented artist Richard Petit who produced stunning detailed portraits of dogs.

Pop Art  


  Cut Paper


  Pencil and Pen


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Art Challenge 27 – Eggcellent Easter Decorations

i decided to paint some eggs, having recently bought some pearlescent acrylic paints I chose those and carefully held and rotated the eggs to complete the painting.

Once dried I arranged the eggs in one of my Soring flower pots and added a pearlescent heart for good measure. The picture became our Easter invitation. 

Unsure as to whether the eggs were safe to eat we erred on the side of caution. 

I was pleased with the eggs as they were bright bold attractive and caught the light in the texture of the pearlescent paint. 

Happy Easter to all.

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