Art Challenge 24 – Knee Art For Healing

I will let the pictures do the talking on this post. Following my knee injury I got creative to aid visualisation, positively affirm and channel healing energy. IMG_2381 IMG_2382

Patriotic pilot knee – I drew a smile on my knee to make it feel happier. I then thought that the brace hinges look like headphones. This then became the first knee art character.
Alien abduction knee
Daydreamy knee
My glitter knee character
Couture knee – my favourite, inspired by a magazine feature about hats

This couture knee character was warmly received on Facebook so I continued to be creative with my knee however following my Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction surgery I was a little restricted on my knee art, so had to turn to the other knee and non contact art.

Please send love and healing light – don’t worry I
Ouch, accidentally went to sleep with my brace against my other leg – this is the impression the hinge left.

I didn’t want to risk contaminating my wound by doing anything directly on my dressings. So for this final, at this stage, piece of knee art I stuck stickers on acetate and captured on a photograph. The icons represent things which I will be able to do when healed and when I look at my knee I see those as opposed to the dressings. image Where next? If you enjoyed this you might like to see my Knee Injury Drawings – Art Challenge 20 where I sketched my initial injury experiences – click here to view the post.


Art Challenge 23 – Watercolour Painting

On a visit to the market and horse racing town of Ripon in Yorkshire I saw products by an artist called Emma Ball. I bought a tea towel featuring her paintings of key Yorkshire places. She has a range of useful items that feature her paintings, I believe that by putting art on useful items it can become part of everyday life as opposed to clutter so I can relate to the choice of use of her art. Her website at this link shows her delightful watercolour artworks.

Emma Ball Website

Whilst using the tea towel wrapped around the ice pack on my injured knee I started to look more closely at the delightful paintings and began wondering how they are created and whether I could create a similar effect in paint. I looked at the style and content of the paintings to better understand what makes them attractive.

All of the Emma Ball paintings were colourful, bright and soft edged. As I looked more I questioned whether the paintings were done from photographs due to the level of detail on a picture of Knaresborough. So I looked for a brightly coloured photo of my own to use to recreate the style. I found one of a helicopter ride at Niagara Falls and a second of my latest paper cut picture design. I put the pictures through the ‘Sketch’ app and then printed them, to save time redrawing. I began to paint the pictures but each had printed small and the paper wasn’t ideal for wet paint.


Although I enjoyed painting the pictures, particularly as I was filling in the gaps. Felt a bit like colouring when I was a child.

The next day I searched for a colourful picture and found a colourful picture of a tiny village we have visited in the Alsace region of France from the stunning Route du Vin, very worth a trip.

I drew out the picture in a watercolour sketchbook and this time was able to add more water and have more colours running together. The picture was more work than I expected but I stuck with it and enjoyed it, quite pleased with the result. I haven’t painted anything as complex as that either since school or ever.


I felt I learned a lot from painting, it is all practice and developing skill and improving and being creative.


Part Two – Paper Cut Pictures

Following on from the success of my paper cut pictures I decided to increase the scale of my work and embarked on a picture twice the size this time A3.

To see the original blog post with my paper cut picture of beach huts, a ski chalet and allotments huts click on this image.

Click on the picture to see the Paper Cut Pictures blog post

I love the sun and sea so decided to create a landscape picture featuring huge sun, green hills, a village and put the Maltese Terrier character, Sam, large in the picture as he looks on from an approaching boat.

I built the picture, gradually adding detail. I used some paper and canvas that I had painted for a background for a different picture and used those to build the background,  adding a pearlescent effect and texture as they were painted with pearly acrylic paint.image

Due to my knee injury the picture was completed over a few months. The beauty with the paper is that items can be replaced, moved or removed. I do like the medium for that, so much more flexible that paint. Also its not necessary to wait for something to dry before continuing the picture.

I intend to use the picture, and the previous paper cut pictures for a picture book with a story about the dog Sam, so I added in aspects from the other pictures at the sides of this latest picture.

The picture has aspects inspired by aerobatics flying in New Zealand, the clock tower building inspired by my studio, the sailing boat by sailing in Australia and the flags from the Royal Yacht Britannia, the dolphin by trips to see them swimming in Tenerife and boats by my long standing desire to paint boats in Mexico.

Completed yesterday the picture now looks beautiful framed in a white wooden frame. When I showed my relatives the picture the response was warm, one family member said that it made her feel happy, I was taken aback and if my art can make people feel better then that is wonderful.

Seaside Village .Copyright Kim
Seaside Village .Copyright Kim

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