Art Challenge 20 – Knee Injury Diary Drawings

As I waited for my husband to return from the hotel buffet, feeling all guests eyes on me with my new leg brace and crutches I decided to draw.

My ski knee injury was a guarantee of a need to be patient and go with the flow. It is just a few shirt days since the accident. Trying to diarise my experience through biro pen drawings is a way of expressing my experience and is a subject on which to practice my art.

This is the first drawing of the knee shake as the ligaments damaged.


The pictures of the subsequent experiences and days follow.




I realised that I can draw myself better than others that I have to be wanting to do the drawing as when they are half hearted then I rush them and they are not as good. I realised that faces are tricky when they are small. Some of the pictures are my point of view and some are me stepping back and drawing what I think I looked like at that time.

I am pleased with the drawings from these first four days, will continue to document the experiences in this way. It will be busier when I get home but at present there is little I can do but sit and rest my leg between meals and toilet visits. But we are making the best of it and I appreciate the small things which one usually would take for granted due to their normality. It’s a learning.



10 thoughts on “Art Challenge 20 – Knee Injury Diary Drawings”

  1. This is such a wonderful idea – really inspiring. I suffer with depression and am having a tough bout of it at the moment, but I’m doing all the right things; going to the gym, meditation, support group, journalling, gratitude lists etc etc to try and shift it, and I’m now going to add drawing my way out of it to the list. Thank you so much, and good luck on your recovery journey. Xx


  2. Oh my what a challenge for you
    But the expression and drawings come from within and I feel your pain and
    Discomfort through the lines on the pages.
    What happens next
    Will be interesting to see
    Stay calm and appreciate such a caring husband


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