Art Challenge 18 – Gingerbread House

I decided I was going to make a gingerbread house but it didn’t feel right to make a random cottage so I decided to copy a real house.

The fact that the house was taller than wide made it a structural challenge but I drew the structure, did a lot of planning and watched YouTube videos that showed different ways to hold the structure together.

IMG_3878 IMG_3879

I followed Mary Berry’s Gingerbread recipe and created my own templates and left space for fairy lights to be inserted inside the house. The fairy lights gave a homely feel to the house as they lit the windows made of melted boiled sweets. It was a challenge to get smooth lines with the icing and to have a steady enough hand when adding the decorative detail. I am not a big icing fan so didn’t want to go overboard in terms of flavour and also to loose the likeness of the house.

IMG_3843 IMG_3841 IMG_3840

It was a challenge, enjoyable and delicious when it came to eating it. The house made a great centre piece and conversation point for our festive celebrations.

Here’s a short video of the gingerbread house just 1.5 minutes long. 

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