52 Art Challenges

Being keen to develop my art skills and experience I sought a book or website which had art challenges for me to try. Having been unable to find this I decided to create my own and blog about the challenges which should be helpful for anyone wanting to explore their artistic side..

I have decided I am going to complete 52 Art Challenges. I don’t know what the art challenges will be at this stage but I look forward to trying them and exploring my strengths and… areas for improvement.

I decided that 52 was less scary than 100 and if I want to take a year at it then this would work. I expect that there may be weeks when I will complete more than one challenge and others where I am unable.

I love colour so that will be a theme throughout and I imagine that the artworks will be mixed media, real and electronic.

I am open to suggestions of what the challenges are, please add any ideas or links as comments below. Thanks for reading, for any suggestions and for sharing with anyone who you believe might enjoy the blog posts.


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