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“Using creative visual solutions and public relations techniques I provide a fresh approach to promoting products and services.”

Hi, I’m Kimberley Kay, I bring public relations skills and visual art solutions together to grow brands, companies and ‘change for good’ initiatives.

I have existing work available for license and create new bespoke illustrations for your brief.

Illustration is a great eye-catching alternative for marketing campaigns. Get in touch to discuss your marketing/ campaign requirements.

My story

I have managed the press offices for three of the UK’s leading travel companies. Encouraging people to explore new places and experience fresh perspectives through travel features, leading press trips, hosting travel TV crews and creative PR campaigns to launch new airlines, flight routes, airports, cruise itineraries and technology.

Love of the natural world led me to fuel a movement in the travel industry to reduce environmental impact and to operate sustainable, socially responsible practices. 

After blowing my knee I began to take a more holistic view of communications adding illustration to my skillset.

I’m delighted to now be creating art and illustrations which demonstrate emotion and enjoyment. I’m constantly evolving my work so follow my Instagram and Facebook to see process and products.

Here’s my Association of Illustrators Portfolio…

Latest Projects

Illustrated book – The A-Z of Ski

Travel Illustrations

Children’s Book Illustrations

I’ve also been exploring children’s book illustration and destinations themed illustrations.

Book Cover mock-up

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Let’s Talk

Get in touch for strategic communications solutions by emailing inspirebykim@outlook.com

To start the process of bespoke visuals complete and email this short form…

Art, illustration, design and movies by artist Kim.

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